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Rubber Glove (Functional Threshold Test) - $12.99 USD | For groups & classes, see our Group Edition.

The Details:

  • How long: 60minutes (Warm-up, FTP test, Cool-down).
  • What it’s about: Functional Threshold Performance test.
  • Best for: Setting fitness baseline for training programmes.

Ah, the old-school days where you just used to bash yourself into the ground day after day hoping it would make you faster.  As fun as that was, it wasn’t particularly effective and few have the time for that anymore. With jobs, families, and a life outside cycling (gasp!), we need to make the most of our training time.  Now, heart rate monitors and power meters allow cyclists to establish fitness thresholds and training zones. The threshold, called your “Functional Threshold Performance (FTP),” can be used to train more effectively, precisely following training plans and getting you fitter, faster and more powerful in less time.

You can measure two different kinds of threshold. The first way is based on heart rate. The other, and better way, is to measure FTP based on power measured in watts.

Establishing your FTP requires that you take a fitness examination of sorts. There are a few variations out there, but typically you ride at your absolute limit for a set period of time, take your average effort over that period, subtract a bit, and you have your Functional Threshold Performance (FTP). We did a FTP test quite some time ago and it was agonizing but boring. We wanted to change that, because we don’t believe you can push yourself to the absolute limit when you’re bored.

With a workout designed by our partners over at Dig Deep Coaching, you get a solid warm-up, some high-cadence drills and then it’s straight into a 20 minute maximum effort interval. Clear instructions will prepare you for, and pace you through that effort to get the most accurate FTP possible.  Once you’re done, further instructions tell you how to calculate your FTP for either heart rate or power depending on which you measured.  As a bonus, we include the Training Zone Worksheet from our 10 Week Training Programme in your download so you can map either your HR or power-based FTP to the appropriate zones.

Rubber Glove is tough. You’ll be up against guys like Cancellara, Stannard, Voeckler, Flecha and more as you battle through the Flanders Classics races Dwars Door Vlaanderen, the Tour of Flanders and Omloop het Nieuwsblad. In true Sufferlandrian style, we also throw a snail, a pro cyclist cooking breakfast on rollers, a monster truck, a power lifter and the apocalypse at you.

More questions? Check out our FAQ on the Rubber Glove FTP test. >>

NOTE: You need to have either a heart rate monitor or power meter if want to calculate a FTP after doing Rubber Glove. If you’re just doing it as a workout, then you don’t need to worry about it.


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Workout Details:



Designed by the expert coaches at Dig Deep Coaching, this one hour workout is specifically designed to get you ready for, and then do, a 20minute cycling FTP test. Having said that, it’s also a great training session in its own right if you’re looking for something with a gradual build, some speed work and then a long, high-intensity interval.

  • 3:00 Warm-up at effort of 2/10
  • 3:00 3/10 Warm-up
  • 3:00 4/10 Getting warmer!
  • 3:00 5/10 Warmer still!
  • 3:00 6/10 Tempo
  • 3:00 7/10 Strong effort
  • 3:00 2/10 Recovery
  • 4 x 1:00 Fast pedal with 1:00 recovery
  • 3:00 Recovery at 2/10
  • 20:00 Pain, agony, misery and FTP
  • 3:00 Cool-down

The structure is based on the work of Dr. Andrew Coggan and the 20 minute test has become one of the defacto standards for determining FTP. You’ll be able to do this workout every 10-12 weeks to gauge improvement in your FTP (as long as you do it exactly the same way every time).

More questions about doing a FTP test? Check out our FAQ >>







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For a high-powered FTP test, we’ve got a seriously high-powered, high-energy soundtrack of all electronic music (save for the odd samba or rock song, that is).

Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify:

  • Jason de Silva – JDS
  • MFP – Fake Rules
  • Ex-Plosion – Eastern Express
  • Brandon A. Godfrey – Heal the Hour (Robert Olexsyck Remix)
  • Brazuka Fina – Cada Momento & Samba Ti, Samba Eu
  • Let’s Go Safari – BYOB
  • Heifervescent – Try Again
  • Lloic Liatard – Dance One
  • Energia-Buran – Istrebitel
  • Tartarus Meets Jan Johnston – Something’s Missing (Alpax Remix)
  • Archima – Ares
  • Sons of Gods – Gotta Suffer (a dedication to Sufferlandrians everywhere)



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