Cycling Training Videos: The Sufferfest's Hell Hath No Fury

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The Details:

* Licensed only for individual use. If you plan to use in a group or class setting, you need our Group & Class Licensed Edition. *

  • How long: 75 minutes
  • What it’s about: Stage racing in the Tour of Sufferlandria
  • Best for: Handling race situations over long periods of time (20:00 intervals)

Is there anything more boring than the classic 2 x 20:00 interval workout? We weren’t sure we could make it interesting…and then we got our hands on a full year of UCI Pro Women’s racing footage from the World Cup. Emma Pooley, Evelyn Stevens, Marianne Vos…the stars are all there in races like the Tour of Flanders and the GP Plouay. And then we hit on the idea of doing an entire stage race – The Tour of Sufferlandria – in one single Sufferfest video. Now, “it gets interesting.” Cue evil laugh.









Workout Details:


You are a Sufferlandrian. And you’re racing for the Sufferlandrian National Team in the Tour of Sufferlandria. You’re expected to take the leader’s jersey (and a very special jersey it is) over the race, the stages of which are:

  • 3:30 Warm-up
  • 5:30 Stage 1: Easy, flat terrain with a few accelerations
  • 20:00 Stage 2: Rolling terrain with a series of brutal attacks as the pack tries to take the lead from you
  • 6:00 Recovery
  • 20:00 Stage 3: More rolling, aggressive, attacking racing in which you try to break away to get the lead back
  • 4:00 Recovery
  • 3:30 Stage 4: A desperate Team Time Trial in which you have to crush yourself in order to take the lead, and the Tour of Sufferlandria victory
  • 6:00 Recovery, featuring Mental Training Reflection from Athlete’s Audio


* Licensed only for individual use. (If you plan to use in a group or class
setting, you need our Group & Class Licensed Edition available here


The soundtrack for this one is all electronic – seriously pounding dance tracks to keep you motivated right through to the end. We spent a LOT of time to get the tracks for this one right.

Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify:

  • Crystal Nation - Carl Jurgens
  • Continue the Right Stuff – ExOne
  • Dangeous Love - Metronica
  • Feel My Body Heat – Gregory Bennett
  • I’m in Love with a Girl - Doug Ferony
  • Move in the Light - Two Ton Shoe
  • Rat Racer (feat. Noelle) - Streetlab
  • Digital Dog (Dub Mix) – Taska
  • Good Together – Bezalel Raviv
  • This Time – Thomas Donovan
  • Red October – Ex-Plosion (Soviet Recordings)
  • Remember Me – Alkemia
  • Say Goodbye – Patrick Poff
  • Three – Ghost in the Machine
  • At the Sloan – Torso
  • Transk 2k10 Edition - DJ Boubbov


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