Triathlon Training Video -- The Sufferfest's "Chrysalis"

Chrysalis - $12.99 USD | For groups & classes, see our Group Edition.

The Details:

  • How long: 1 hour
  • What it’s about: Multiple Run/Bike brick workout
  • Best for: Triathletes/Duathletes looking for significant fitness gains and improved transition times

Chrysalis is another world first from The Sufferfest. Designed to be used with a STATIONARY BIKE and a TREADMILL*, you’ll be face-to-face against some of the world’s best triathletes as you do battle over four run/bike bricks featuring footage from the Challenge Family Roth Triathlon 2013.  There’s also a steamroller, a butterfly, a dragon, a shopping cart, a hamster and a ghost — but that’s nothing unusual here in Sufferlandria.

We recommend using a portable media device (smart phone, tablet) for this video so you can quickly move from bike to treadmill.

*DON’T HAVE A TREADMILL? It’s not optimal, but you can still use this video by running outside for four minutes. Instructions on how to use Chrysalis without a treadmill are available here.








Workout Details:

The man behind our famous Blender, Violator and ISLAGIATT videos, Elite Coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching, has put together a brilliant workout — it’s the same one he gives to his world-class triathletes. You’ll warm-up, and then tackle four bricks of run/bike efforts. Each brick has a different ‘personality,’ from steady tempo to aggressive attacking and counter attacking — and you’ll only have 30 seconds in transition, so you better be efficient!

  • Warm-up run: 2:00
  • Transition: :30 secs
  • Warm-up bike: 4:00
  • 4 X of the following brick (each brick has a completely different interval profile):
    • – Bike: 8:00
    • – Transition to Run: :30 secs
    • – Run: 4:00
    • – Transition to Bike: :30 secs
  • Cool down run: 4:00



*DON’T HAVE A TREADMILL? It’s not optimal, but you can still use this video by running outside for four minutes. Instructions on how to use Chrysalis without a treadmill are available here.


* Licensed only for individual use. (If you plan to use in a group or class
setting, you need our Group & Class Licensed Edition available here


Great music is essential for a powerful workout. With that in mind, we’ve selected some of our favourite tracks from across The Sufferfest cycling video library to create a soundtrack with indie rock, electro/house and opera (!). You’ll absolutely love it and it will keep you digging deep when you need it most.

  • Golden Olympic – Happy Endless
  • Graceful (Radio Edit) – Casino
  • Mio Babbino Caro – Bartok Music
  • Sinner – A Deeper Groove
  • Amant – Matias Puumala
  • Navigational Deflector – Fido X
  • Glimmer of Gold – Polaris at Noon
  • Run, Run – We are Rockstars
  • Never Steady – The Sweaters
  • Something to Believe (Zeros and Ones Mix) – Proteus Noir
  • Never So Far Away – Kyven
  • Always and Forever -
  • It’s Better to Spend Money – The Quiet Company
  • La Donne e Mobile – Bartok Music
  • Welcome Back – A Deeper Groove
  • The Alchemist – Mr. Herzop
  • Monkey Mind – Reverse
  • Gypsey Girl – Nate Currin
  • Juicy Lucy (Five Finger Discount Remix) – Legno + Look Like
  • Solfge – K Theory
  • Something to Say – Jsin
  • Carnival of Noise – Mash & FLutter
  • When I’m Gone – The Go Station



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