You Know You’re a Sufferlandrian When…

We recently asked the Sufferlandrian community on Facebook ( how you know you’re a Sufferlandrian. Here’s what they came up with:

You know you’re a Sufferlandrian when….

Rebecca Neumeier Korb You start yelling “Chamois dance!!!” at the summit if a climb.

Kate Weber ^…and you know exactly why that chick on top of the hill did that.

Marshall Lindsay When mercy doesn’t care.

David Wray You’ve got a $5,000 bike in your bedroom.

John Graham Your knackered, blowing out your backside and still eager for more!!

Eric J Goldstein …you go faster eveytime the car next to you does…

The Sufferfest – Cycling Training Videos …you have to soundproof the walls of our Bike Torture Chamber to keep the neighbors from calling the police.

Richard Williams You have a special bucket next to your trainer for sick

Kim Scarlett Reamer You have Butt Butter packets to the left and snot rockets to the right.

Jacob Hoggard You name the sprints after your ex’s.

Jason Hulme You use the tears of your enemies as an electrolyte drink

Gerard Tiffen You hear a gun go off at your suns little athletics carnival and you shudder

Simon Hunter Bucket.???? You’re a Sufferlandrian, we eat our own vomit as not to waste an energy source.!!!!

Wes Schumann They know you on a first name basis at the E.R.

Garth Kennedy dumb enough to buy the second one

Scott Hoyer In daily conversation, when the words hunted, downward spiral, and angels are mentioned, your heart rate climbs and you get an upset feeling in your gut

Michael Seaman When you buy Hell Hath No Fury for your GF. She likes it. And she knows which video your watching from the sound track.

Rachel Scott You fly the flag from your front porch.

Mike Chitjian when ur willing to get nose surgery to breathe better when you ride

Al Schmidt You place your trainer facing a grey cement walk thinking it will make you work harder …

Chris Hayward Neighborhood hills are now ‘rest day’

Tim Brundage When your glad there’s a sound effect to stop because you can’t open your eyes from the burning sweat.

Steve Roberts You would rather be on the turbo than out on an easy ride ‘for some cake’……we don’t do cake or easy

Ray Boardman When blood comes out your sweat pores

C.j. Rudy You laugh when the group ahead tries to drop you and you still have the eleven tooth in the chamber.

James McKenzie When you blow past the group that used to drop you and you drop ‘them’.

Benoit Lussier all the things that you guys wrote, without saying anything because it’s part of your routine and it’s the normal life for you

Matt Shane You know what this is all about, IWBMATTKYT!

Patrick Bulger When death is a day off.

Steve Penn When your eyes start bleeding!!

Diego García Bellamy When you have pucked in front of the tv in your bike torcher chamber

Joe Barton Your wife says to you after you just finished The Hunted, “What were you doing in there? You sounded like a dying hog!”

Richard Smith when the whites of your eyes are bright red from sweat

Eric Ticzon Benitez you say ” If Your Going Through HELL, KEEP GOING!!!!!

Richard James …when your backyard holds regular memorial services for all of the turbo trainers you have killed.

Steve Taylor you look forward to really crappy weather so you can ride inside.

Michael Yeager You get off the bike and fall down.

Dustin Hinton A flood warning has been issued due to the 4.5″ inches of sweat in your shoes…

Brittany Jean When you look forward to a hard sweat sesh!

Alex Dove Too… exhausted… to think of something clever…

Ro Ste You look forward to pain and suffering!

James Lutz When you finish one video and the second you un-click your last shoe…you start pondering your next video to conquer!

Jerry Johanning you peddle until you poop yourself…

Richard Eichberger at the 16:10 mark in “A Dark Place” you flinch thinking you’re going to crash but pedal harder to get through it.

Guy Coggin You look forward to the pain.

Lee Taylor When u cry blood

Kerry Fain When you sit down and your legs jump out strait from cramps !

The Sufferfest – Cycling Training Videos The pack files a restraining order against you.

Kerry Fain You have to dry out your bike and lube your chain from the sweat !

Charles Yoo not speaking from experience, but maybe someone who decides to shit himself before he gives up on his intervals.

Kourtney Branagan You always contemplate back to back videos.

Matt Weldon Loose your sight for a few seconds during the massive effort. Lol. I was a bit worried

Tim Jones Your up at 6am ready for a bit of Revolver!

Jan Finstad When your wife has to give you a hand of the bike, and up from the basement

Matthew Daum You’re late with the attack in Fight Club.

Anthony Waterston When toothache is a relief

Quinton Davies …you believe the minions will come and find you if you don’t suffer hard enough.

Mark Womack When you finish that hard you can’t walk when you get off the bike.

X Tri Endurance You luv pain lol :”l

Liz Johns Everyday is like South Pacific – “there is nothing like a Dame…”

Nigel Morris You still laugh on Revolver when the women are doing another minute

Astrid Recker …when all you want for christmas is a new set of trainers and a fan

Timothy Lim wet weather doesn’t stop u from keeping the wheels spinning.

Justin Kimber When you finish Angels and then decide that doing The Hunted would be a good follow up.

James Rix You bleed out your eyeballs but you keep frickin going!!!

Iain Purcell When your neighbours phone the police after hearing whirring machinery and sobs coming from your garage late at night…

Robert Lewis Your credit card company phone to ask what all these payments to The Sufferfest are (with the insinuation being that its some kind of dodgy porn)…

Michael Mcglynn Jnr When ur legs r on fire but u keep going

Al Salter Your water bottle freezes when out riding. Just like your fingers & toes….

Peter Thompson You here the starters gun in your sleep and…….attack!

Jay Ellis You forget inner tubes n have no patches cycling 50 miles home in the open Scottish country side while its raining and the iPod has just died.

Mat Messer Your eyeballs start sweating…..

Fab True Enough When during one of the attacks of Fight Club, you crack the bottom bracket. And your bike + run session will not be the same.

Brittany Taylor Williams You’re suffering at 4:30AM

Martin Cooper When your arse bleeds with effort.

Sean McIntyre When your Garmin heart strap stops working correctly because your sweating too much!

Chris McGovern When you’ve resorted to cheap HRMs from Decathlon because Polar ones are too expensive to replace every couple of weeks!

Allison Gates You no longer have a living room, just a pain cave.

Ralph de Kreij you have trained so tough, that you have no recollection of what was in the video at all!

Aaron Taraboletti Both your training ride and run are done for the day and now you get to relaxe and watch the sun come up.

Zac Chappell You’ve decided you aren’t suffering enough so you set the trainer up outside in the snow.

Chris Meek your entering my unheated cold conservotory at 5.30am when -5, thats a wake up call.

Wendy Alden-Lampro After crawling from your dungeon of pain you decide that the climb up the stairs to the shower is too much, so you’re discovered “resting” at the bottom with your head on the first step. And your comfy……..

Julian Goudge you kick ass!

Julian Goudge your resting heart rate is sub 40

Steven G Ramsden you refer to Grunter Von Agony as a dear friend and commonly use the phrase “We do chamois dance.”

Andrea Youngblood After crawling out of a warm bed at 4:45am, entering a 35 degree garage (but still turning on the fan because you know you’re about to be spraying sweat like a sprinkler) and then riding so hard you might lose your dinner from the night before and, still, you look forward to the next time…. sigh….

Lisa Stapelbroek u start doing ur swim training sets in the same format of whichever video u last (i.e at 6am that morning) saw

Alex Ingham When you try to explain to non sufferlandrians, that suffer and pain is GOOD!!

Yvonne Tinniswood Cornes U can’t wait to download the next Sufferfest videos

Chris Bush You listen to Bolt Thrower to warm down

Shane Bradley You start loving the pain and burning in the legs and lungs #loveit

David Briss …the only thing that goes through your mind during The Wretched is “Bring monsieur a bucket and ze cleaning woman…”

Bill Wright You freaking HATE the workouts then look forward to doing them again. Note: Sufferlandrians have short-term memory problems.

Rob Duguay You’re pulling a 100RPM in your 53X11 on a fluid trainer on your 3rd Repeat of Angels.

Garth Hamblyn When you wake up your wife through two closed doors with your grunts and yelling during HHNF!

Dan Swenson … you’re sitting in a 10am meeting thinking about how your legs still throb from your 5am workout.
Mike Kunselman Vomiting on your stem while climbing is perfectly acceptable.

Webb Brightwell When you know you need a break at the office because you start humming one of the recovery songs to yourself.