What’s the most you’ve ever suffered on a bike?

For me, it was the final climb up to Mt. Everest base camp, on the Tibeten side. After several days on the road, the terrible surface, my bloody ass, a headwind, burning sun, nearly 6,000m altitude and sheer exhaustion brought me as close to crying as I’ve ever been on a bike. You?

  • Bruce

    Ask me after the RAMROD, 29 July.

  • http://apyatez.wordpress.com adam

    La Marmotte 2008! Four cols ending in a climb of Alp du Heuz! 9hrs plus racing round the french alps in the boiling sun. Decending off the Galibier in rain then suffering like a dog up the Alp in 40deg plus heat.
    The plate of pasta at the end stayed in side for approx 4mins! slept in the back of my camper for 4hrs before i was well enough to get changed and go for food! Never again, but my bro has done it since.
    And i did cry like a baby when i finished..

  • http://www.yhprunning.blogspot.com Alex

    In Hawaii, we have this nice climb called Halekoa Drive.
    It’s about 2 miles at average gradient of 11% with some 19 and 20%ers thrown in for good measure.

    Do this about 3 times. I barfed on the third.

  • Keith

    I’m 58 and going strong. Had a fall last season down hill about 40MPH, a cross wind got me. Fell, bounced/slid about 30 feet on asphalt. Road rash all on my right side. No bones broken, but totally sore all over. 3 weeks later, back on my bike. RIDE HARD !!