What’s coming up for The Sufferfest?

Happy New Year Everyone! Wow, what a great 2009. Thanks for supporting The Sufferfest. I went into this with quite a bit of worry and risk, but confident that this was the best work I could do, that it was the best way to motivate yourself to punish yourself on the bike, and that it was better than the other cycling DVDs, videos, etc. out there. You guys have been wonderful in your feedback and encouragement. Thanks.

So, what’s in store over the next few months? Well, I’m going to take a few weeks ‘off’ working on videos as the family and I are moving from Switzerland to Singapore next week (!). I’ve changed ‘real’ jobs, and that career is taking us to Asia. We’re super excited about it. It’s going to mean some really busy, hectic times, and that means that The Sufferfest will take a backseat for awhile (although I’ll still work to provide the best service I possibly can for anyone who needs it!).

Of course, I won’t be able to leave my baby – or you – for too long and am already formulating what’s to come.  I intend to have two more videos out this ‘off season.’ Most likely (although ya never know), they will be:

One should come out at the end of January and the other at the end of February. Which one depends on how things come together with getting footage, music, etc. I’ve not decided on soundtracks yet – rock or techno or one of each. Any preferences guys?

Otherwise, I also hope to get a decent logo done, and a few t-shirt designs done (any good designers want to work with me on that?). Those things won’t be tackled until the videos are done, however, so they probably won’t happen until March or April…just in time for the Southern Hemisphere winter!

Well, that’s it for now. Keep that feedback coming. And I sure hope you’re planning on doing the Sufferfest Double Challenge on January 2nd, slacker.