What will they cost?

Right. Finally. You’ve all been wondering, and I’ve finally decided. After lots of math (which we hate here at Sufferfest Studios) and red and black numbers, the final prices for the Downward Spiral have been set. The price for the ‘Individual use’ version will be 5.99 Euros. The price for the ‘Group/Class use’ version will be 8.99 Euros.

The collapse of the USD made it hard to keep my promise to keep it under 10 bucks, but I’ve managed to do it. I hope you find it more than worth the money – especially when you compare it to the cost of your average cycling workout/virtual cycling DVD – usually 30 USD!!!

  • http://thelocust.org Ben

    Yay! I was hoping around or under $10 USD, and I think that’s fair, considering the market.

  • JD

    Rock! That’s some serious value for the money, and even more so for the teacher’s edition.

  • Jenn

    Totally fair pricing David. Really motivating workouts and the music is great!

  • DMcQ

    Hey, thanks guys. Glad you think it’s worth it! And once you’ve done The Downward Spiral, I hope you think it’s even more worth it! : – )

  • Mike

    No problem here, $10 US is fine for something with plenty of replay value. I will be interested to see how your distribution mechanism works. Do you have a solution for DRM or are you using the honor system?

    • DMcQ

      Hi Mike – The videos have a piece of software in them that, if you copy it and share it with others, destroys your hardrive, copies the PIN numbers for all your bank cards, steals your car and orders 100,000 cans of Spam to be delivered to your house. Nah, I don’t have DRM. This is totally honor system. Although there may be people who will copy it or share it with others, I can’t dwell on that. I hope that folks out there will pay the very nominal fee for the very, very hard work I’ve put into this.

  • http://essencecatering.ca jason

    You could charge me twce that and I would still line up to download. I have gotten so much mileage out of the first set of videos. It would be a shame not to buy the new ones.
    Also if the production and music is anywhere near as good as the promo, AWESOME.
    But you’ll have to sell me on the bike tricks section. I imagine it is recivery sections of the workout. But hey I always liked the cross riding segments.

  • Barry

    Can I just stick SFr 10 in an envelope and stuff it your letterbox?

  • Jenski

    Lovely, simply lovely! Your work is well worth the price!!

  • Drew

    Is the DS and future Sufferfests going to be avail for purchase via iTunes?

  • David Parsons

    Looks like the price has now jumped a bit! $79USD for the extra shot 20 minute ‘Group/Class use’ video! Someone’s cashing in…