We’ve teamed up with Minoura trainers!

There really is no excuse not to join the Sufferlandrian nation now. At least not because you don’t have a trainer. We’ve teamed up with Minoura, who make some of the finest turbo trainers around,  to put The Sufferfest in every box. So, when you buy a Minoura trainer, you get a free copy of our Local Hero video! Look for specially marked boxes at your favorite bike shop today!

Open a Minoura trainer box and find bottomless suffering.

  • http://momentum.subtlehints.net Wari Wahab

    LOL, I bought a Minoura VFS150 because of “Downward Spiral” 1.5 yrs ago. My suffering tool of choice.

    Good choice of partnership ;)

  • Jim Miller

    I have had a Minoura Mag850R for years….I love it and Sufferfest….a great workout combo

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