We interview ourselves about our cycling training videos.

Time for me to interview myself for your enlightenment.

  • Me (interviewing me): How do you keep your prices so low? I, mean, all those other cycling DVDs are 30 bucks and yours are only 10.99. Steal!
  • Me (being interviewed): I never bought a cycling DVD *because* they cost 30 bucks. I just thought that was too much money. We always thought that we would pay about what we would pay for a good music CD…which would be about 11 bucks. So that’s a start. Second, here at Sufferfest Studios we are a one man show. So we’re not really a we. We’re an I. But when we use ‘we’ we sound bigger. So just go with me…I mean, us, on that. Anyways, it means we don’t have a lot of salaries to pay. Also, we try to create the freaking best video we can, so that Sufferfesters will tell their friends and promote the videos and say good things about us…that way we don’t have to spend a lot on advertising, which drives up costs.
  • Interviewer: The Sufferfest videos are insanely entertaining and difficult. So difficult that you’ve been called ‘an assassin,’ you’ve been told that your customers hate you and that you’re ‘pure evil.’ How do you feel about that?
  • The Sufferfest: Thank you. We’re the only company that, when called evil, takes it a compliment. If ever anyone ever writes that our videos are ‘nice,’ we’re quitting.
  • Interviewer: Why do you think anyone, anywhere, would do one of those boring videos where you watch other people ride spin bikes?
  • The Sufferfest: I dunno.
  • Interviewer: There are a few people that are talking about doing all four Sufferfest videos back-to-back. What do you think of that?
  • The Sufferfest: They’re sick. But, you know, really, deep inside….I’m proud of them.
  • Interviewer: Are you welling up?
  • The Sufferfest: I’m not discussing that. Next.
  • Interviewer: Spin bike or turbo trainer.
  • The Sufferfest: Spin bike.
  • Interviewer: Road or mountain?
  • The Sufferfest: Bike agnostic. Two wheels, no motor, I’ll ride it.
  • Interviewer: Angels just came out. What’s next?
  • The Sufferfest: Two more coming out this ‘indoor season.’ One featuring UCI footage, and one with a Swiss flavour. Not sure about the themes yet – I’m thinking of doing a ‘Le Petit Sufferfest’ for those who are new to suffering. And then either one of these 2×20 workouts that everyone keeps asking me for, or a sort of mixed-up climbing, TT, tempo and sprint workouts. No idea yet.
  • Interviewer: You’re sponsoring the OCBC Singaporean National Cycling Team now. That must have hit the evening news.
  • The Sufferfest: Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to ride for a national team. I wanted to pull on the national jersey and then win something. Neither of those things ever happened. So to be able to sponsor a team in my…er, our…own small way is just so much fun. I love it. I hope they suffer like dogs.
  • Simon

    2 x 20. Yes please, enough of all this wimpy sprinting stuff.

  • http:quadrathon.blogspot.com Stuart

    Great interview…kudos for getting the inside scoop!

    Love #3!