VeloNews reviews the ‘fest!

When I first started racing, back in 1986, I used to pick up this little newspaper called VeloNews from my local bike shop. It was the ONLY way to know what was happening in bike racing. I used to devour every issue. I never imagined they would get as big as they have and that they might someday review our humble little videos.

  • Stuart

    I did the fightclub video for the first time this morning and boy! did I suffer.

    Great video, the music is spot on and the messages you flash across the screen really drive you to eke out that last little bit of power left in your legs.

    More of the same tomorrow morning methinks!

  • wayne p

    For me it was winning magazine. I waited intently for every issue. I have stumbled on your website, and as USA Cycling coach, I am interested in trying these out.

  • Herb

    Actually, I found out about the Sufferfest videos via the web site. They looked to be a good change from watching a room full of people on trainers. So, I ordered/downloaded The Hunted (awesome to have instant gratification!), dragged the MacPro down to the basement, attached some speakers, and let it role! It was an awesome work out that was fun! I especially liked the sound of dogs barking when looking back at the chasing pack. I have since added to my growing collection Fight Club and Downward Spiral. If you are undecided – download one and give it a shout. Heck – you’d spend more on a pizza and beer. Once you try it – you’ll actually be looking forward to jumping onto the trainer and joining in the suffering!