Two great customer feedbacks today.

Here at Sufferfest Studios, we get a lot of mail from ‘festers telling us what they think of the videos. Today, we got two particularly touching emails that really represent the kind of things we love to hear.

First off, this came in on Twitter today.

@Eric_Peters: @TheSufferfest – I hate you. So. Much.

It really warmed our hearts to know that we can generate such strong emotion in fellow ‘festers. Thank you Eric! We (tough) love you!:

And this came in over email:

Dear David,
Thanks for the Sufferfest. It is a brilliant combination of a suitably revolting workout with good music and enough humour to carry it all off!! I am a Masters Track rider, I work and I am Mum to a 3 year old… I live 2 hrs from the closest track and most of my training buddies. I often need to use rollers to complete my riding ‘work’ for the week. I am pretty dedicated and used to improvising but there are only so many repeats of the Russian Steps I can do without my mind and tail becoming numb. I laughed my arse off doing your Angels and Fight Club. Most riding DVDs are good to sweat to but take themselves so very seriously- nice one!! I’m sure Contador is shaking in his Sidi’s!

Will be back to buy more soon,
wish you every success with it,
ride safe, Catherine

Catherine – we made these videos for you!

  • Andrew


    I have never liked your work. It has always caused much pain in my life.

    Keep it coming.


  • Janna

    Okay, these videos are simply the best ever! You have managed to combine spectacular racing and Cyclefilm footage with heart pumping, ass kicking music. The worst part is you turn on other cycling dvds and cry from the pain of having to sit through watching people sweat to death on their trainers (and they make the dumbest facial expressions), not to mention the elevator music. You know what they’re doing. Its sheer torturer…that’s real pain. What you’re doing is pain, it’s just the kind of pain you love in a sick twisted way. Bring it on. I can’t get enough!!