Tour of Sufferlandria Prize Winners!

We’ll be doing a proper wrap- up on the greatest Indoor Grand Tour in the Whole World soon, but we wanted to get the winners of our prizes out ASAP. These winners were chosen at random from the 522 Sufferlandrians who, competing for the Sufferlandrian National Team, completed the entire Tour on

You guys are awesome! If you see your TrainerRoad name below, you should have (or will soon) get an email from us about your prize! Congratulations!!!!!

Thanks, also to our fantastic prize sponsors – without them, we couldn’t have offered such a great prize list for you all.

  • The choice of a 32GB iPod Touch or 16 GB iPad mini – ericlaurence
  • 1 Wahoo Fitness Kickr – kheadley1
  • 1 PowerBar Sufferlandrian PowerPack – sladec
  • 2 sets of Sufferlandrian National Kit (Jersey + Bibs) – clascell, clintonclark
  • 1 Sufferlandrian National Jersey – mitch0824
  • 3 iphone handle bar holders from Minoura. – rdouglas1619, Levesque, giuseppeb
  • 2 Wahoo Fitness Blue HR Straps (for iPhone 4S & iPhone 5) – stefanbrunnschweiler, JoddyBear
  • 2 Wahoo Fitness Blue Speed/Cadence Sensors (for iPhone 4s & iPhone 5) – reddrum, richiec7
  • 2 Wahoo Fitness Run/Gym Packs (ANT+ HR Strap & ANT+ Key for iPhone 3, 4 and 4S) – firegirlred, ScottDW
  • 1 year of free TrainerRoad – RUDist
  • 1 Sufferlandrian Windvest- ruimota
  • 3 Sufferlandrian National flags – bluewomble, Ari, roadiedvm
  • 3 Tour of Sufferlandria posters – Shinka, kristapsb, jonmking
  • 1 full refund of all 12 videos – ROYB
  • 1 free entry into the TransRockies Challenge Mountain Bike Race in BC, Canada – TomJen
  • 1 x Cyclepassion Calendar 2013 – 412miles
  • 1 x Cyclefilm’s “The Italian Job – Gran Fondo Recon” – 6 DVD Set – cutterp
  • 1 x Cyclefilm’s “Roads to Glory – Alpine Training” – Free download – jhouse4
  • 1 x Cyclefilm’s “Roads to Glory – Pyrenean Training” – Free download – markus
  • 5x Athlete Audio’s App (Mental Training) – MMEZ, Claas, RogC, rgallard, legitlee
  • Gianluca Catignani

    Well done to everyone : Organizers, minions and sufferlandians riders like myself! Really happy to have completed all workouts and managed to reach interval targets every day!. Thanks to TrainerRoad also which made it possible to follow each interval in the right training zones.

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  • JGSI

    err.. I was a winner (without a prize) ;-)

  • Demonclimber

    Congrats to all prize winners – believe some need to be redrawn (until I win one) due to various infringements, use of non UCI approved turbo trainer, not following THE RULES et al. Full details will be revealed in my forthcoming book :-)

  • Marty Henderson

    List of official finishers? no?

  • Tim

    I wish there was a medal for the best overall and most improved riders (at least for non-adjustable trainers) . This was a great idea.

  • John Graham

    Congrats to all the entrants, and everyone who finished!

  • Patrick Bulger


  • Erik Moore

    The National Kit is way bad ass! Congrats everyone!

  • CJ

    Congrats to all of the winners!!! So cool!