Tour of Sufferlandria : FAQ

There have been a few questions about the details of the Tour of Sufferlandria, which starts on Jan 26th and finishes on Feb 3rd. Here are some answers.

Let me get this right. The Tour of Sufferlandria is doing 12 videos in 9 days. Is that right? Yes. It is.

Do I have to buy all the videos in order to complete The ToS? Yes, you should have all the videos in order to properly do the tour. However, if you don’t have them all, you could always repeat a video or two in order to make sure you suffer for the full 9 days. You won’t get the complete ToS experience, but you will suffer and you will emerge stronger.

I have a couple of the videos already. Is there a discount on the remaining ones? Our 12 pack of videos is available at a big discount. You can find the 12 pack at the BOTTOM of . Until Jan 15th, you can use the code THETOUR for a 10% discount.

I’m planning on peaking for Paris-Roubaix, the Tour de France and the World Championships. Do you think the ToS is the right prep? Yes. You going to go and do Paris-Nice or some poofy race like that? C’mon. Let’s get back to the old-school way of preparing for big goals and suffer like greased pigs in January!

So, how do I sign up? It’s simple really. You just write it down in your calender and commit to do it. Then you do the video on the day that it says you have to do it. That’s pretty much it. But there is more fun to be had: join our Facebook community or hit the Twitter hashtag #TourofSufferlandria and join in the fun of sharing your stories and hearing stories of epic suffering from others.

But how will you know I did the videos? We trust you. But if you REALLY want us to know you did the full ToS, then you need to sign up with our partner and join our Tour of Sufferlandria group. And if you do that, you’ll be eligible to win some prizes.

Of course, nothing matters except the fitness and glory that I’ll gain by completing the ToS…but what are the prizes? We’ll be giving away daily prizes to everyone who completes the sessions on TrainerRoad and all those who complete the ENTIRE tour will be put into a pool from which we’ll pick some big prizes like Sufferlandrian Team Kit, flags, decals, tattoos, TrainerRoad subscriptions and more! The guys over at the TransRockies Challenge Mountain Bike Race (BC, Canada) just threw a free entry into the pool!

Is this some trick to get me to sign up with TrainerRoad? No. But we do think they are the second best value for money in all of cycling (after the ‘fest, of course) and working with their online programme will make you a faster, smarter, more powerful cyclist. We ask you to sign up with them so that we can see that you’ve done all the videos, that you’re working hard, and that you’re not slacking off. It does cost $10 a month, but if you’re not happy with TrainerRoad, you can cancel within 30 days and get your $10 bucks back. So it’s a no-brainer, really. Even the Minions have signed up.

What do I need to have to make TrainerRoad work? A turbo trainer, your bike and some kind of ANT+ device (e.g, Garmin) that will allow TrainerRoad to pick up your training. You’ll also need to register for their software and install it.



  • Chicago Spinner

    does this work with IFit? I am using my new TDF Proform Spin Bike now.
    Highly recommend!!! It is the most awesome indoor trainer ever!

  • Teddy Thunder

    Hello – is there a link on TrainerRoad to align with The Tour? Just so I know that you know that Im a suffering?