The Sufferfest 3-Video Starter Pack!

If you’re thinking of coming to Sufferlandria, but not quite sure which video is the best one to get you there, then try out our new 3-Video Starter Pack. The Minions had a tough time with this one, trying to figure out exactly which three videos would be best for the novice Sufferlandrian.

To be honest, we could have picked just about any three – but, in the end, we chose Downward Spiral, Angels and The Long Scream. We selected them because they have very different personalities, are very easy to get caught up in, and focus on different areas of your riding: speed, climbing and time trialling. These three will well and truly get you deep into Sufferlandria – and you’ll even save $4 while getting there!

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  • Niki

    How about a buyer’s choice 3-pack? I would do this deal but I already have two of them! :(

    • DMcQ

      We’d love to offer such a think, Niki, but aren’t able to at the moment!

  • rjp

    What about a “10 pack minus the 3 video starter pack” discount for people who want to buy the rest after surviving the starter pack?