The 3rd Sufferfest video: Revolver

Whew. Here’s the trailer for the upcoming Sufferfest, Revolver, due out in a few days. It’s a 45 minute workout, featuring a warm-up, warm-down and 15×1 minute intervals with only 1minute rest in-between. It’s perfect for those high-intensity sessions when you’ve only got your lunch hour to hit the trainer. Of course, you’ll be blown for the rest of the day, but it’s worth it…

  • Jason Bahm

    Nothing like a little vomit to burn those last few calories…….This kicked the snot out of me. Getting ready for triathlon season and this is a killer, quick workout while the baby is napping! Pepto Bismal should give you a kickback, I’m killing half a box after each of your videos.

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