Sufferfest Team Kit on Pre-order sale now!

Official Sufferfest Team Kit – Pre-ordering sale on now!

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You cruise up to the pack of riders waiting for the group ride to start.
They look at you – and what you’re wearing.
They look away.
They don’t want you to see the fear.
You catch a few words over the wind… ‘just let him go if he attacks,’ ‘he better do all the pulling,’ ‘let’s just do an easy ride’ ‘what does IWBMATTKYT mean?
The group sets off, with cautious sideways glances.
You settle in to the third or fourth row back.
One rider stutters whether you’ve been training a lot to those videos.
You go to the front.
It strings out.
A whimper? Everybody hurts.
A climb is a few kilometers down the road.
A smile.
You reach for the gear lever.
We’re now taking pre-orders of the new Sufferfest Team Kit. A beautiful jersey and bib-shorts combo crafted by The Sufferfest and French label F2P Sports. We’ve gone with a clean, classic look and put all the bells and whistles we could find into the materials. This is a world-class kit that might just become your new favourite.
For a limited time only – until the end of October, you can save up to USD $20.00 and benefit from worldwide shipping at an unbelievable price of just USD $5.00. Jerseys are just $69.99 (regular retail of $79.99) and bib shorts are just USD $79.99 (regular retail of $89.99).

Now, there isn’t much to look at here – no brilliant photos of the jersey or bib-shorts upon which to cast your loving eye. We’ll get that up once the kit comes in about 6 weeks. So, in the meantime, you’ll have to rely on the illustrations. But in exchange for your trust in our high standards, if you order now, you’ll receive this special price.

Orders taken now will ship in early December (guaranteed to make it in time for the holidays).

See all the details, and place your orders at our Shopify site here.