Sufferfest Soundtracks on Spotify

Long time Sufferlandrian, Andrew M. (@serviceplease on Twitter), just created some Spotify playlists of The Sufferfest soundtracks. Now, we’ve long been known for having great music on our videos – and now you can listen to the soundtracks even when you’re not suffering (just to remind you of the Suffering that is to come!). Here are the Spotify lists:

A Very Dark Place
TSF Revolver
TSF The Hunted
TSF Downward Spiral
TSF Fight Club

  • Sharon

    What would really rock is if there soundtracks were available on iTunes so we could download and listen while we ride….err…not that I would ride with headphones or anything…LOL

  • Fuji_Racer

    This is awesome. Great idea!

  • James Campbell

    amazing. Cheers!