Something Wretched This Way Comes

We’ve wanted to make a straight-up road racing simulation for awhile. Something with no recovery and just flat out racing. When the ASO agreed to let us license footage from the Tour de France, we knew this was the opportunity we had been waiting for.

The Wretched is the story of a pro who has fallen from grace. The glory days gave way to days of over indulgence and now, faced with poor performance in the Tour so far, our hero must rise above himself and win the stage. A 10:00 warm-up, featuring a music video by UK band Redados, is followed by a 7 hour Tour de France mountain stage compressed into 35:00. In that time, you’ll have a flat-run up in which you’ll attack and attack and attack to try to get into the early break, three climbs with KOMs you have to sprint for, a breakway in which you have to swap on and off, an agressive run into the finish and a final sprint for the victory. And, oh yes, no recovery anywhere. None. Nada. Zilch.

Coming: December 8th.

The Sufferfest – The Wretched – Official Trailer from The Sufferfest on Vimeo.

  • Kenneth Trueman

    More Tommy V !!! Yay !!!!

  • Luis Oliveira

    Man, The Sufferfest has spoiled me rotten. My actual rides are NEVER this much fun and NEVER have such great music.

  • karen

    Can’t wait!!!! i have enjoyed every minute of pain and misery of the Sufferfest videos… i have them all and want more!!!!

  • David Tuttle

    Oh most honorable minister of suffering may I have more pain and suffering, please sir.

  • Ken Moselle

    Okay, that will bring the total up to 13 for the 2nd Int’l Day of Suffering (if we count Downward Spiral remix and Downward Spiral original as 2). 17 weeks to prep, well 16 plus one week to taper. David – you planning any more between Dec 8 and March 31??

  • Richard Jones

    Wanting to pound the “buy now” smash button! This is getting me physced for tonight’s session. Can I ask, what’s the music please?

  • Richard Jones

    Got it, song is by The Young Werewolves – Rise Or Fall

  • Neil Jarrett


  • mark

    Are you kidding?? Great music? The workouts are great but the music needs help!! All the SF music needs help

  • Psyclosassin

    evidently Mark is either a music snob that has spent too much time as a college DJ while imagining his supreme sense of artful tunes, or he needs to eat a couple sandwiches after his Sufferfest workout. Dude, go be a tool elsewhere.

  • Tom Hoel

    You’re absolutely great moviemakers. My custumers(spinning freaks) go totally nuts onn their bikes, inspired and hoping to become Sufferlandrians.

  • full on

    Can’t wait bring the pain! If you are here to dis the music, really you should be training harder and frapping less.

  • Matthew Long

    looks good. early christmas present sorted

  • grete

    love it…my costomers cant wait for the next stage…

  • grete

    have them all, and want more!!!!!!!!

  • greg

    Looking forward to another method of torture. Please get it on ASAP to maximize the misery.

  • Craig

    Who are you
    and how do you know me sooo well!!!

    Just what I
    need to get my arse off the couch.

    Can’t wait!

  • VanBrudenrijden

    I hate you and your damn videos, now will it be available at 12:01am on Dec. 8th? Or can you send it to me early? Pretty please…..

  • drew mcintosh

    That flag is looking a bit worn.

  • Holleysta

    If I hadn’t bolted my bike to the trainer it would have run away- bring it on, man & bike shall suffer as one (with the music up very loud)!

  • Southern Cross Newstar

    When is the coming out? I want it for Christmas.

  • Southern Cross Newstar

    When is the coming out? I want it for Christmas.

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  • James Milne

    Midlife crisis. I cant sleep the night before I go to the gym at 5am. I’m actually looking forward to suffering. I’ve discovered my goal in life. to be in pain.