Reviews of Hell Hath No Fury

Let’s make no mistake about it, Hell Hath No Fury features only women’s racing, but it’s not designed ‘for women.’ It’s designed for Sufferlandrians: anyone who wants to put to beat their ass to kick someone else’s tomorrow. It’s in true IWBMATTKTY spirit. Plenty of rave reviews are popping up – here are just a few of them:



  • Ken Moselle

    HHNF just proves what I have always maintained – men are more interpersonally oriented, e.g. Boonen and associates socializing while they are waiting for the train to pass, these are happy nice people…they get a bit serious on the sprints and we won’t talk about track bike racers, but other than that its clear that the men are just out there to ride their bikes and enjoy the company of their fellow cyclists – but women cyclists are instrumental and results-oriented, all business, as amply demonstrated by HHNF. I thought the 3 minute TTF icing on the cake was a nice touch. Caused me to come off the rollers doing about 55 km/hour (okay, I cannot tell a lie – I came off the rollers beause I was looking at my computer to see how fast I was going). Anyway, HHNF was refreshing and once again proved that my skewed view of people and the world is correct, so I was happy.