Raising prices, oh no!

After spending the past month or so with my current download provider, I’m not happy with either the quality of service or download speed. Some of you have mentioned the long download times to me, and I’ve been listening. So, I’ve been looked around and found a new provider – so far, I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of their service, and the download speeds I’ve seen in testing.

The new guys are more expensive than my old provider, but I think it’s worth it to give you a better experience. It does mean that I’ll have to raise prices, though. Not by much, mind you, just .50 Euro (about .75 USD). The price increase will take effect as of December 19th, making the videos cost 6.49 EUR for the Individual version and 10.49 for the Class & Group. So, if you haven’t bought it yet, you’ve got the chance to get The Downward Spiral at the ‘old’ price of 5.99 EUR until Dec 19th.

Oh – and the new guys offer two cool options which you can purchase:

I hope you still find The Sufferfest to be incredible value and that the videos bring you a full season of pain and misery.