Limited Edition: Sufferfest Darkside National Team Kit

Extremely limited and premium edition: Sufferfest Darkside National Team Kit

Available on pre-order only until Wednesday, January 11th – only ONE set sold PER CITY!!!!

Together with our clothing partner, France’s F2P sports, we’re very excited to announce an extremely limited run of Sufferfest National Team Kit in a special ‘Darkside’ design. If you’ve ever wanted to wear what the pros wear, and wear something nobody else in your town has, this is your chance.

Available for only two weeks on pre-order, to Sufferlandrians who have bought all 9 videos and not sold to more than one person in any city, you’re guaranteed of being the only person around wearing this unique kit. It is available only as a package of both jersey and shorts, and includes a free Sufferfest National Team flag and stickers (a 36.99 USD value).

You can see all the details at the Darkside kit page here.

  • kjfoto

    Any chance these will become available again anytime soon? Thanks!

    • DMcQ

      I *might* have a few extra sets around the middle of April – but only to sell in towns where there is no Darksider already. I’ll send out an email if I do.

  • Ross

    Any update on when this is shipping or arriving?

    • DMcQ

      I should get the kit on March 22nd ish…so it’ll ship out right after that as fast as I can stuff the envelopes! : – )

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