It’s not so much an acronym as a lifestyle. A statement about just how hard you can push yourself. It’s a little bit sick. And if you don’t know what it means, then look at the very top of this website. And then get on your bike.

  • S McD

    Have just purchased my latest Sufferfest training video, “Local Hero” Wow these are amazing. This one follows up to my last purchases from the Sufferfest collection which are The downward spiral, Fight club and The hunted. I tell my self every time that I’m not going to buy another as my face even before the end of the work out looks just like the guy on your logo, I also seem to start swearing quite a’lot which is not in my nature.

    Thanks for keeping me in shape and if possible I would like to kick the guy who make’s these video’s in the balls, that would put the smile back on my face!.


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  • Martfo

    I will bust/beat my ass today to kick yours tomorrow