Going into Fight Club – Freestyle.

I’ve got an evil, terrible, awful new way of doing Sufferfest videos: Freestyle.

When doing a ‘fest video Freestyle, you will blow. Big time.

Let me explain.

I teach a small (the class would like me to say ‘elite’) spin class on Tuesdays. Today, we decided to do Fight Club. Any Sufferlandrians who know Fight Club, also know that the worst part of the workout are the unexpected and frequent attacks. Now, on the best of days, Fight Club is just an ugly, messy experience that leaves me shattered after trying to keep up with Evans on the final climb of the Mendrisio World Championsihps.

But today, for some bizzare reason, I decided to make it even harder. After the 2nd lap, I told the class that we were taking the gloves off and going Freestyle.


Yes, Freestyle. I explained to the class: you will continue to follow the instructions on screen about cadence and resistance, but you will ignore the instructions to ATTACK! Rather, any member of the class, at any time, could say “ATTACK!” and then the class would have to follow…and not sit down until you said “Done!” There could be as many attacks, or as few, as the class wanted.

Of course, being an aggressive group of Type A personalities, ‘few’ attacks was never going to be an option. One member of the class (Twitter: @antjoh) clarified the rules by saying you had to also describe the intensity of the attack “Attack 1″ meant one turn of resistance on the spin bike, “Attack 2″ was two turns and “Attack 3″ was three turns. Diabolical.

And so went into those laps determined to beat the hell out of each other. And we did. A true slugfest. Each member of the class launching attacks, one after the other, swearing at each other, trying to recover hoping nobody would attack and then launching your own attack, holding long attacks, short attacks. Who would crack? Who couldn’t follow? Who wasn’t Sufferlandrian enough to launch an attack? It was FREAKING AWFUL. I don’t think that I’ve worked that hard in a long, long, long time. We all loved it.

Although we only did it with Fight Club, you can go Freestyle with any of the videos (group edition licensed for group use, of course).

We officially declare this an Acceptable Alertnative Way of Doing Sufferfest Videos When You Really Want Even More IWBMATTKYT Spirit With Friends.

  • andy albershardt

    We did Revolver in our spin class and after the “cool down” we polished off 3X 15 second sprints every minute just to have closure!

  • Aria aka “Bitch Tits”

    First rule of “Fight Club”, “Don’t talk about Fight Club”.

  • Ken Moselle

    Perfect – I do a spin class on Thursdays, mainly for squash players – who are a pretty fit bunch but they don’t really know about sustained suffering – Revolver is about their speed – though they do have fantastic core strength and can stay out of the saddle for a LONG time. Sometimes a few of us will remove the saddles from the bike just for a cheap thrill. So following up on the really bad example set by Fight Club, I started doing a routine in class that I call “Twitchy Racers” which is the same as Freestyle – anyone can attack whenever they want, for as long as they want, seated, out of the saddle or a rapid combination of both (which we call the Martin Y. special, because Martin Y. made the near-fatal mistake of revealing that he hates the rapid up and down – surprising that he would reveal this weakenss because he wasn’t born yesterday). Of course nobody is forced to attack – I leave it up to the class – they could just slack off but that’s not why they are there. It gets pretty ugly, but so far nobody has become physically ill so I guess its not that bad.