Game on.

I love the guys at ASO. I came to them with a totally bizzare request (at least from their point of view) to license me only a few minutes of their race footage. Now, you have to know, they are used to licensing the ENTIRE RACE, either for a DVD or television or online broadcasting…whatever. But for a cycling workout video? I really thought it was going to be incredibly difficult to make it happen. But from the very first contact, Nicolas, my contact at ASO was simply fantastic. He listened, he was open, he understood the needs of thousands (millions? maybe?) of you out there to suffer miserably and he worked on finding a way to make it work. Today, they made me a very fair offer and I’ve accepted. Plus, they did it all within a matter of weeks. These guys work fast and I have to thank them for working with me on this.

Of course, most of you don’t give a rats ass about this and just want the new Sufferfests out. Not to worry – November is approaching. We won’t deny you.

PS. I also have to give a shout-out to Adam Bayliss, SufferFriend, who did Sufferfest 3, 4 and 5 all in a row in one workout. Insanse. Love it.

  • Al

    Even more impressive that he did it in October.

  • John

    Hell. Yes.

  • Brian


    Can’t wait for the new videos.

  • Nath

    Can’t wait for the new series. Did HKIMN this morning.
    You said you’d be looking for a small fee for the next series – How are you going to take payment (ITunes, paypal?)and are you going to do a series pass?

  • DMcQ

    Hey Nath – Thanks for the questions. Glad HKIMN made you miserable!
    Yes, there will be a fee for the new Sufferefest videos. There will only be two at first, so no ‘series pass’ as it were…but perhaps if I get a couple more made, then I might put them in a ‘bundle’ or something. At the moment, it’s looking like I’ll take payment through paypal…does that make sense to you? It seems like a pretty good way to go.

  • doggiestar44

    It’s great that ASO is working with you on the race footage. It really makes the difference for me during my workout (sometimes I race Lamond, but I still have yet to win…). These vids kick my ass and I LOVE it and I will be more than happy to buy any bundle you put out there. Keep me suffering!!!

    • DMcQ

      Doggiestar, I feel it’s my personal mission in life to spread suffering and misery to people on their bikes not matter where they are. I will do my best to keep you suffering this winter…stay tuned for the new videos! (ps. I’m sure you can take LeMond if you just push a bit harder…! Suffer!!!!)

  • Albert

    Paypal sounds like a good idea. Good job on the previous ones. I can’t believe I use to let Coach Troy of Spinervals bark orders at me. Hands down the best product of this type. Blows Spinervals away! And my riding buddies are using them as well this Fall in the lovely Pacific Northwest.

    • DMcQ

      Albert – Man, that feels really good that you think these are the best product out there. Thanks. Kind of funny – the more miserable it makes you, and the more pain it inflicts, the better! What other product category out there does that to its customers? : – )