Feel a bit like crying. But won’t.

Victoria Pendelton just won the world sprint championships. That, undoubtably, made her pretty happy. She cried a bit. But while she stood on the rostrum taking her gold medal, she can’t be nearly as emotional as we here at the ‘fest. Here is why:


It really seems like yesterday that we approached the UCI with the rather insane idea of making some cycling workout videos using pro cycling footage. We figured we might sell a few videos to a few friends who had some sympathy for us. It never – ever! – occured to us that there would be so many Sufferlandrians out there and that one day our little nation might be on the world’s biggest stage. Just blown away looking at this photo and kind of speechless. So grateful for everything.

  • JD

    Congratulations Generalissimo! It couldn’t have happened to a meaner guy…

  • Steve

    You could not have had the logo in a better spot – right in full view for every gold medal presentation on TV – made me proud to be Sufferlandrian, unworthy though I may be.

  • http://www.visionsinnature.com Robert Servranckx

    Sufferlandria and The Sufferfest on the world stage, right where they belong!
    Long live the ‘fest!