Darkside Towns

There are Darksiders everywhere. Here is the full list of towns where Darksiders reside. If you see your town here, there are two things you have to know.
First: be afraid.
Second: know that we can’t sell the Darkside in this town as it’s already taken.

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  • cj

    Hopefully we’ll be on the darkside soon here at http://www.mauicycles.com !

  • http://twitter.com/Sar_Wah Sara P

    Hey I should be on that list :) Rockhampton QLD is also taken….. thanks David!

  • Nick

    Cornwall, UK is not a town – it’s an entire county! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cornwall

  • Tor

    Have to back Nick’s point. Cornwall is a county in the UK with MANY towns. It’s like putting Colorado, USA rather than a town in Colorado (but on a smaller scale, obvs).

  • jkm

    San Jose, CA, USA is listed twice

  • Spellingminion

    Berkeley, CA is spelled with three Es. :)