Darkside will be in these towns….

As you probably heard, our very Limited Edition Darkside National Team Kit (no longer available) was only sold to Sufferlandrians who have all 9 videos. Furthermore, only one set of kit was sold per city (including a city’s suburbs*) – the ultimate in exclusivity.

Here is the list of cities where a Darksider will be riding.




  • Chris

    Hamlyn Heights is a suburb of the City of Geelong. You should know that place, Local Hero was filmed there! I look forward to seeing the new gear out on the road.

  • paul

    Look: Just about every State in the US has a town of the same name as every other State. Rennsalaer? In which State? Indiana? No? Where, then? Informal is one thing, shadowy abioguity is another. You want involvement, I suggest you stick State abbreviations next to the towns/vity/village names. Or you WILL suffer alone. :)

    • DMcQ

      Great suggestion, Paul. Sorry if that didn’t seem clear. I do mention where the town is if there are two of the same name, but I can see that you might not know what state the town listed is in. I’ll fix that shortly.

  • Alex

    When can we expect these kits? I can’t wait till I get it …

    • DMcQ

      Hey Alex – I’ll be shipping out at the end of the month – around the 27th or so. You should get the package in the first 10 day of April! : – )

  • Adrian

    Have these been shipped yet?

    • DMcQ

      Hi Adrian – they’ve still not shipped, I’m afraid. It’s going to be another two weeks. : – ( I’ll be sending an email to all Darksiders today.

  • http://www.colleyvilletxhomesforsaleonline.com Colleyville Homes Guy

    A little late here, but have you guys already been to Dallas-Fort Worth? Didn’t see any dates next to cities. May have missed it somewhere.

    • DMcQ

      Hey there Jeff – we’re not actually on tour…this is the listing of cities where a Sufferlanrian has bought our limited edition Darkside kit. Having said that, a tour would be kind of fun…