Bring in the New Year the right way: full of suffering

The average person gains 5lbs/2.5kilos over the holiday period. I’ve gained a bit more than that, I think, despite my best efforts. So, time to do some work and set the right tone for 2010! I’m issuing a challenge to see who out there is real Sufferfest material! Here it is:

Yep. That’s right. That’s what I said: both of them, back-to-back in the same workout. This challenge scares the hell out of me, but I’m gonna do it! Who’s with me? Who is going to suffer like a dog, burn some calories, and do an epic session that your friends and family will talk about for the entire season (“You want to know why they just won that race? Well, back in January, there was a little double-Sufferfest challenge that was completed and that set the tone for the whole off season….”)

Either leave a comment on this post, or at the Facebook Sufferfest fan page so all of us know who will be Suffering that day! When you’ve done the challenge, come back here or to the Fbook page and let us know how it went! Right Off to have another piece of chocolate cake…it’s not Jan 2nd yet, you know!

  • Amanda

    I’m in, for sure! Damn, and you know this means I’m postponing my first planned run up Mt Majura since my knee reconstruction.

  • Andrew

    Alright! You are like my nemesis, there ready to stab me just at the right time. I too have packed on 3+kg since training end in November. Time to start my annual Jan Ulrich plan. Game on! 2nd Jan – 2xTSF. Bring the suffering on.

  • Jason

    Count me in, have gained 4kg on holiday in South Africa eating meat and drinking beer! I’ll be beating myself on the 2nd back in London.

  • Chris

    Let’s do this! I’m still deployed to Iraq, but I love the idea of kicking off the year with a double sufferfest. This would be a good time to thank you for only squeezing out two videos at the end of 2009.

  • Daryl

    Just finished Fight Club for the second time and now I see this challenge. Why didn’t I wait tell the 3rd to come back to this site? Count me in on the suffering anyway. Fight Club wipes me out more than 3/4/5 or downward spiral (must be the attacks) so I’m wondering how I’ll get through but still looking forward to it.

  • Mark

    You crazy son of a b1tch! I need that kind of kick in the a$$. I am in. UGGGHHH!

  • fedunski

    Ok, if you insist.

  • Amanda

    DONE! Basket, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

    This was a marvellous sesh. It was only the second time I’ve ridden Fight Club and it took me until the third lap to really get into it, but I sure did ride it better than the first time. The final lap was brutal.

    I admit, though, that I ran the Downward Spiral for some more specificity within my current mesocycle.

    Happy suffering, everyone :)

  • Amanda

    Forgot to say that the attacks are deadset body blows. Ouch!

  • John

    Ok, I couldn’t wait until the 2nd. Finished it tonight. Wow! First time I’d done Fight club all the way through too. It was an awesome way to kick off the new year. Thanks!