Bring in the New Year the right way: full of suffering

The average person gains 5lbs/2.5kilos over the holiday period. I’ve gained a bit more than that, I think, despite my best efforts. So, time to do some work and set the right tone for 2010! I’m issuing a challenge to see who out there is real Sufferfest material! Here it is:

Yep. That’s right. That’s what I said: both of them, back-to-back in the same workout. This challenge scares the hell out of me, but I’m gonna do it! Who’s with me? Who is going to suffer like a dog, burn some calories, and do an epic session that your friends and family will talk about for the entire season (“You want to know why they just won that race? Well, back in January, there was a little double-Sufferfest challenge that was completed and that set the tone for the whole off season….”)

Either leave a comment on this post, or at the Facebook Sufferfest fan page so all of us know who will be Suffering that day! When you’ve done the challenge, come back here or to the Fbook page and let us know how it went! Right Off to have another piece of chocolate cake…it’s not Jan 2nd yet, you know!