2nd Annual Sufferlandrian National Day of Suffering – March 30th


You have Suffered for months. Often alone. You push yourself to dark places. You fly with Angels. You feel the fury. You are not alone. And so it’s that time of year again. A celebration of all things Sufferlandrian.

Chamois Dancing. Pain Shakes. Suits of Armour. Jokes about Grunter von Agony. Shredded Chamois Throwing. And, of course, Suffering.

There are Sufferlandrians everywhere….more of them discovering their new Nationality every day. There are probably – shudder – some of them in your town. It’s time to meet them at the 2nd Annual Sufferlandrian National Day: The Day of Suffering – a day to celebrate our spiritual home of pain, misery, agony and IWBMATTKYT.

The Day of Suffering is March 3oth/March 31st (whichever day works best for you).

We need organisers who will seek out fellow Sufferlandrians in their town and get them together. As an organiser you just need to:

  1. Make a post to our Facebook event page here and say you’re organising an event in your town.
  2. We’ll put the call out to other Sufferlandrians that might be in your town to join you. We’ll also post all towns and organisers on our blog so folks can get in touch.
  3. Figure out what to do on the National Day of Suffering. Activities for the National Day of Suffering can be just about anything, but we have some recommendations:


Like any good National Day Event, we’ll have prizes. All those who participate (including organisers) in the National Day of Suffering by confirming their attendance here on FB and putting up at least one photo and comment on the day saying what they are doing) will be put into a pool. Names will be drawn from the pool to win one of:

We also have two prizes to draw from for organisers (organisers are, by the way, also included in the pool of participants):


If you’d like to organise an event, just let me know and we’ll put your name down so other Sufferlandrians can find you (david @ thesufferfest . com)