20% discount for Sufferlandrians on supplements

I never used to be a supplement guy. Maybe I would take a vitamin, but I certainly wasn’t…religious about it or anything. But lately I’ve been using some supplements from a company called Core6. Have been popping their enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antixoxidants for about six months now.

After every ‘fest workout and ride I’ve also been drinking a big glass of milk with their protein and veggie greens powders. What originally attracted me was that their stuff was all natural and that you only had to take three capsules to get all six essential elements. I’ve ended up loving the stuff so much – practially addicted to the protein powder – that I asked them if they would give Sufferlandrians a discount.

They’ve agreed (!!!) and if you use the code HAILSUFFERLANDRIA you can get a 20% discount on all their products. Just to be transparent, I don’t make any money off this. I just wanted to get the citizens of Sufferlandria a good deal. If there are any other companies out there who want to offer similar discounts, please let me know! (david @ thesufferfest.com)

You can take a look at, and order, Core 6 products here.