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Perhaps one of the most difficult Sufferfests, The Wretched is the tale of a Sufferlandrian who has fallen from Local Hero to Zero. Now, faced with the final stage of the Tour de France, you need to remember how to Suffer and race with more courage than you’ve ever done before. You’ll be going deep into the paincave on this one….it’s a true road race: flats, attacks, big climbs, descents, and sprints. And no rests. It will push you to the absolute limit – but then again, nobody ever said winning a Tour de France stage was easy.

Featuring footage from Tour de France, you’ll be up against the best in the world, including Evans, Contador, Voeckler, Voigt and Sanchez. Keep the bucket nearby. And don’t you dare lose that final sprint to the line.

Workout details

Unlike the other Sufferfest videos, this workout does not have a clear structure. But that’s how road races are – you have a general idea of what the course is like, but you don’t really know how the race will unfold. So, The Wretched will keep you guessing – and anticipating what your rivals are going to do. You’ll never know when an attack is coming – and they usually come when you most wish they wouldn’t.


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