The Long Scream

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The details

They look so composed on television. So smooth and effortless when they fly by in person. But inside the time trialist, there is a loud, agonizing, never-ending scream of despair and hope. The din of the constant fight between mind and legs, a clash of will and lactic acid, of determination and one’s better sense. To the observer’s ear, there may be heard a whimper, there may be a grunt, but you’ll never hear the chaos going on inside.

Workout details

The Long Scream puts you into a 30 minute time trial. After a brief intro to get you ready, you stop pedalling….focus……and GO! For the next half hour, you’ll be following the best in the world during the UCI World Championship Time Trial in Copenhagen, Denmark. You’ll gradually increase the speed, starting out a high, but slightly reserved effort, until destroying the road in Copenhagen with a blistering pace toward the end.

As this is an Extra Shot edition, it is meant to be used in conjunction with other Sufferfest videos. So, there is no meaningful warm-up or warm-down.


Video sample