Chrysalis (Triathlon – Run/BIke)

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The details

Chrysalis is another world first from The Sufferfest. Designed to be used with a STATIONARY BIKE and a TREADMILL*, you’ll be face-to-face against some of the world’s best triathletes as you do battle over four run/bike bricks featuring footage from the Challenge Family Roth Triathlon.  There’s also a steamroller, a butterfly, a dragon, a shopping cart, a hamster and a ghost — but that’s nothing unusual here in Sufferlandria.

We recommend using a portable media device (smart phone, tablet) for this video so you can quickly move from bike to treadmill.

*DON’T HAVE A TREADMILL? It’s not optimal, but you can still use this video by running outside for four minutes. Instructions on how to use Chrysalis without a treadmill are available here.

Workout details

The man behind our famous Blender, Violator and ISLAGIATT videos, Elite Coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching, has put together a brilliant workout — it’s the same one he gives to his world-class triathletes. You’ll warm-up, and then tackle four bricks of run/bike efforts. Each brick has a different ‘personality,’ from steady tempo to aggressive attacking and counter attacking — and you’ll only have 30 seconds in transition, so you better be efficient!


Video sample

CHRYSALIS (Triathlon) Video Reviews

Triathlete Magazine

“The design is top-notch, but what takes it to the next level is the superb race footage from one of the sport’s best events–Challenge Roth–and the opportunity to “race” alongside–and pretend to antagonize–the featured world-class athletes.”


“The Bricks are hard, not impossible hard but they make you work, the micro intervals keep you engaged and focused on what’s going on.”

“Daher ist diese gute Stunde auch ein echter “Hammer” und sollte am Besten im (gut) ausgeruhten Zustand benutzt werden.”

Kikay Runner

“Sure I may look like a mess now, but if “Chrysalis” helps me metamorphose into a stronger, faster triathlete, I can’t wait for another go at it!”

A-Bear Racing

“The music is awesome, the footage pumps you up and the intervals are short and hard. If your engine doesn’t work better after doing this workout, you didn’t do it hard enough and Grunter Von Agony is going to be very upset with you.”

Active Kids / Active Family

“I was a bit skeptical with the layout of the four mini bricks, but it was a great workout. Every set is different, and tests the legs right until the end.”