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Together with our friends  at Dig Deep Coaching, we’ve created ‘any time of year’ plans that deliver maximum results in a minimum of time. Perfect for time-crunched cyclists who want to train smart. Our plans deliver:

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Unlike our  10 week plans, which progressively build fitness over a few months, these short, three week plans have a very specific focus. Designed for riders with a solid fitness base and an important event coming up in four to five weeks.  These plans are hard work – but the gains you’ll achieve will make it all worth while. We recommend one easy week before, and one recovery week after, these plans.


Climbing faster means focusing on climbing. This three week cycling training plan will get you faster on various gradients and durations. You’ll work on your strength using lower cadence efforts and also focus on longer threshold efforts to help you on sustained climbs. Once done, you can tackle your next mountain sportive or hilly road race with confidence and power.

The Structure

This is one tough block of training and it will take your climbing to the next level. Each day has a specific focus to help transform your power when the road goes up.

  • Week 1: A mixed bag of threshold development, breakaway speed and all-out climbing repeats.
  • Week 2: Another buffet of sustained threshold work, cadence changes, max efforts and a longer aerobic workout.
  • Week 3: Five intense days to pummel your climbing legs so you can pummel your favourite climb.
Time Per Week
  • Average of eight hours a week (never more then nine hours)
  • Six days riding per week
  • Usually three Sufferfest + three outdoor rides
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So, you want to be fast, eh?  This intense, very focused plan concentrates on short bursts of ‘speed’ and ‘max intensity’ efforts that will boost your sprint & anaerobic power. In your next criterium, flat road race or intense bunch ride want you to close gaps quickly, open them behind you just as rapidly, and win sprints that you might have thought were beyond you. We’re going to push you – but we know you can push back.

The Structure

This plan is one seriously tough block of training that’s designed to take your sprinting, accelerating and breakaway abilities to the next level. Each day has a specific focus to help transform your solid base fitness.

  • Week 1: Building your ability to make repeated maximum efforts.
  • Week 2: You will SUFFER through a solid six day block and you’ll learn to do it with some panache.
  • Week 3: No hiding in the pack – this week will sharpen your ability to accelerate away from a group and then stay away!
Time Per Week
  • An average of six hours a week (and never more than 8 hours).
  • Six riding days per week.
  • Usually three Sufferfests + three outdoor rides.
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Designed for cyclists with varying levels of fitness and who want to build fitness progressively over an extended period. Thousands of Sufferlandrians who have completed these plans have seen performance gains of 8-15%.

Novice (Road)

Best for newer cyclists who:
  • Started cycling in the past year or have just come back to the sport.
  • Ride a few times a week, but haven’t *really* been getting any stronger.
  • Are tired of getting dropped by faster riders and want to get out on a group ride and be one of the riders helping set the pace.
  • Have family, work and other priorities that mean less time on the bike.
  • Have never really followed a structured training programme before. But you’re keen.
The Structure
  • Weeks 1-3: Development of training ‘routine’ and endurance fitness.
  • Week 4: Recovery week to absorb work of previous three weeks.
  • Weeks 5, 6: Gradual increase in volume and muscular strength.
  • Week 7: Recovery week to absorb work of previous two weeks.
  • Weeks 8-10: Final push to boost your top-end fitness and freshen up before inflicting your hard-earned strength on other riders.
Time Per Week
  • Between 4 and 6.5 hours a week, with four days riding per week.
  • Usually two indoor/two outdoor .
$ 29.99 USD
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Intermediate (Road)

Best for experienced cyclists who:
  • Have been riding for a number of years, and have a solid fitness base.
  • Can hang with a fast moving pack, and take pulls, but when the going gets tough, you’re just hanging on by the skin of your chamois.
  • Are comfortable riding frequently during the week and getting longer sessions in on the weekends.
  • Have started to drift from your once dedicated and motivated self.
  • Have done some sportives/races in the past and would like to see what kind of result you could get if you had that ‘top end’ intensity that the faster riders have.
  • Have limited time to train.
The Structure
  • Weeks 1-3: Establish training routine, progressively more intense weeks and race simulation.
  • Week 4: Recovery week to absorb work of previous three weeks.
  • Weeks 5-7: Second three-week training block, including strength and max intensity boosters.
  • Week 8: Recovery week to absorb work of previous three weeks.
  • Weeks 9, 10: Final (painful) work on high-end fitness.
Time Per Week
  • Between five and eight hours a week
  • Four to five days  per week (two indoor, two to three outside)
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Advanced (Road)

Best for racing cyclists who:
  • Race at a high-level (Cat 1-2/A-B grade).
  • Train at least five days a week, sometimes more.
  • Are at the pointy end of the bunch when crunch time comes.
  • Have started to drift a bit from your once dedicated and motivated self and need some purpose and structure in training.
  • Would love to train full-time, but have a family and a job who are less enthusiastic about that idea.
The Structure
  • Weeks 1-4: A solid four-week block, with plenty of threshold and race simulation.
  • Week 5: A recovery week that drops volume, but keeps intensity.
  • Weeks 6-9: Another big push into your upper limits.
  • Week 10: An easy week, but some intensity to put the final polish on your form.
Time Per Week
  • Eight to nine hours a week
  • Six days a week (three indoor, three outside).
$ 29.99 USD
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FAQ for Plans

Q: What are some of the key differences between the three and 10 week training plans? Who are they designed for?

A: Our new three week training plans are designed for Sufferlandrians looking to inflict maximum carnage on their fellow riders. The plans will take your solid level of fitness (a level of fitness achieved with our 10 week plans, for example) to the next level. We encourage you to approach these plans with solid fitness and experience.

The three week plans are also more specific than our 10 week plans and will help you focus on a targeted area of performance. Our climbing plan is a journey to become the Mythical Volcano Climber and focuses on longer, more sustained efforts (5 to 20 minutes) and will develop your ability to power through longer climbs and attack without mercy again and again. The speed plan will help you channel you inner Sufferlandrian Speed Demon and focuses on shorter bursts of pure speed (5 seconds to 5 minutes) to help you close gaps (we hate gap openers!) and attack with the power to leave a trail of PAIN, MISERY and AGONY behind you.

The 10 week plans are a fantastic way to transform your long term fitness on the bike. The structured training in the 10 week plans and the resultant increase in fitness will also help you when it comes time to use the three week plans to sharpen your edge for a big race or sportive.

Q:  Can the three week plans help you prepare for a big event?

A:  The three week plans are quite intense and will have you staring at your stem and begging for mercy by week two. But if you really want to drop all the non-Sufferlandrians and strike fear into the fray hearts of Couchlandrians, then you’ve got to really be prepared to put in some Suffering. That’s why we’ve also made sure to include a detailed pre- and post-plan guideline for preparing to Suffer and tapering for your big event so that you can reap the best Return on Suffering.

Q:  Have the 10 week plans been updated?

A: Yes, they’ve been re-designed to incorporate some of the new videos that you’ve come to love to hate. The structure of intensity, recovery and rest is largely unchanged, but we’ve made sure to include essentials like Elements of Style to make sure all Sufferlandrians are efficient in their fury and that they look good while doing it.

Q:  Who can benefit from the structured training of these plans?

A: All Sufferlandrians looking to transform their abilities on the bike (or in the run and swim legs of a triathlon) will benefit from a structured approach to Suffering. Sufferlandrians have families and jobs and they are crunched for time so they need to make the most out of every ride. Our plans will take the guess work out of unfamiliar things like rest and recovery so that you can focus on the high intensity Suffering. Now is a great time to start!