The Illustrious, Courageous, Insane Who Did The Double

There are those with courage. And there are lunatics. These are the folks who have completed the Sufferfest Double Challenge – that is, doing Downward Spiral and Fight Club back-to-back – to kick off the New Year of suffering with a bang and get their training off right! Do you have what it takes to do the double? C’mon, show us just how badly you can inflict pain on yourself. If you do it, put a comment on this page, or send me your name so I can put it up on our list of honorable sufferers!

Shea Nangle beats the hell out of Cancellara (and himself) during the Sufferfest Double Challenge!

Amanda Singh, NSW, Australia

John J. Singh, NSW, Australia

John M., USA, Ohio

Andy Turnbull, UK

Kelvin Newman, UK

Me!, Switzerland


Scott Goligher, Caspian Sea

Rick Cunningham, Caspian Sea

David Kubacki, Delaware, USA

Ben Wilson, Kentucky, USA

Shea Nangle, USA (with photos of the misery!)

Mousse, Switzerland

Gavin McCarty, VA, USA

Richard Palmer, UK

Frank Lee, USA

Mathias Grobet, Switzerland

Lewis Henrickson, Michigan, USA

Sue Ayre, Washington, USA

Darryn Fessel, USA

Scott Allen, USA

Mousse, Switzerland

Nathan Jones

David Youngman, West Sussex, UK

William Bill Enness, Hampshire, UK

Mark Beckwith, Ontario, Canada

Richard Palmer, Oxford, UK

Brian Hirsch, PA, USA

George Lupton, Walkerburn, UK

Andrew Maher, Wiesbaden, Germany

Andy McGibbon, Northern Ireland

Joanne Byrne, Toronto, Canada

John Heaton-Armstron

Jude Elkins

  • kelvin newman

    I just about managed it without puking

  • David Kubacki, Delaware, USA

    Downward Spiral (check!), less than 5 minutes rest (check!), Fight Club (check!), lots of water (check!)…stretching up next!

  • Shea

    Finished it around noon today, still hurting. I’ve got a write-up and pictures on my blog at

  • Nathan Jones

    I just did it today… so it still sort of counts (was skiing yesterday). Somehow, during the last fabian cancellara TT section I really got into the zone for the first time this winter. Great idea.

  • Gavin McCarty, Moseley, VA, USA

    Loved the Double yesterday! That was my first time doing Fight Club so I did it first before doing the Downward Spiral – legs still feel like jelly today :)

  • Mark Beckwith, Ontario, Canada

    Snowstorm outside and a sufferstorm inside! Great idea – I’ll do the double again sometime.

  • Richard Palmer

    It was Evil! Though i quite enjoyed it! Had to do it on a gym bike and managed to clear a large area of a very busy gym by the end. People clearly didn’t like the suffering! :) legs still twitching 24 hours later!

  • Drew

    I know Shea and I’ll bet he looked like that the entire time… except right up to the end when he ripped off his shirt and killed a grizzly bear with his tire change kit.

  • jason laurin

    I have now completed the double three ways.
    1. fight club to downward spiral (Hard)
    2. downward spiral to fightclub (harder for some reason)
    3. fight club to miserable now (video 4) my fave way, the hills in this one will kill you after fight club.

    Completely addictive videos. My wife and neighbours probably don’t like it quite as much as I.
    Downward spiral to fight club made me want to puke in the last climb. Only time I have ever yelled at the computer to date.

    Thanks and keep it up.

  • Chris, Balad, Iraq

    I toughed it out with all of you maniacs. This was a great jumpstart to the year. I look forward to more and more suffering!

  • Jim Miller

    FInally got around to finishing the challenge…damn that was one tough workout. Thx

    Jim, Las Vegas NV.