Review – Carmichael Training Systems Video Podcasts

There is no doubt that Lance Armstrong’s coach, Chris Carmichael, knows what an effective workout is. Eight – whoops, sorry, seven Tour de France victories prove that. Perhaps a little of that expertise might do me good? To find out, I downloaded a series of his training podcasts – both video and audio.

First off, the website is downright frustrating to use. Just getting around the place and figuring out what is what is a workout in itself. Chris – get some help with that site..I know some customer experience guys that can help you out.

Here is how the video podcasts work – you buy a “playlist” that’s arranged like one of Carmichael’s workouts. The playlist consists of video “tracks,” such as a 10minute warm-ups, 4minute “steady state” sessions, 2minute climbing sessions, 30 second sprints, 5 minute recovery sessions and 10minute warmdown as well. In theory, this is a great idea, as you can create your own workouts using the tracks you’ve downloaded.

Choosing from the 18 workouts available, I downloaded the “Over/Under” playlist, which is a 10min warm up, 1minute interval, 2minute recovery and then four repeats of 4minute steady states, 2minute climbing and 5 minute recovery. A 10min warm down closes the workout for a total of 15 “tracks” and 60minutes.

Now, Chris might know what he’s doing with workouts, but he certainly doesn’t know what he’s doing with indoor spinning. A big part of an indoor workout is that it keeps you entertained, and stays fresh. Halfway through this playlist, you’re hoping the bike breaks so you can get off and get your sanity back. Here’s why:

In total, I downloaded three playlists, and while the workout itself is good, I would just as soon write it down on a piece of paper, turn on my own music and have at it. And, the good news is that you can do just that by clicking the link above. Write down the playlists, and then do them yourself without having to pay the 10 bucks that Carmichael wants for these videos.