Sufferlandrian National Triathlon Team Kit

Hmmm. Here in Sufferfest Studios, we’ve done a few triathlons. Our performance in those races would lead the casual observer to surmise that we don’t know jack about triathlons. That observation would be correct. And we know even less about triathlon kit. What we do know is that our clothing partner, F2P makes some very highly respected tri kit, and they’ve come up with some designs for us based on our favorite ‘fest cycling kit.

What do you think of the designs? Want to see any changes? New ideas?

Shorts for the two piece kit

Top for the two-piece. Two pockets in back.


One piece.

  • Bernard Maughan

    This kit looks great! I just hope its not the same skin-suit material as a few other Singapore tri clubs have theirs made out of (same supplier). I have a tri set from F2P and the chamois, the cut of both top and bottoms, and the overall quality are great, but the top (especially) needs to breathe, wick sweat away and not drag if worn in the swim. My current top fails on the 1st 2 of those points.

  • Scott Longden

    Looks fabulous. The one piece needs pockets as well (wasn’t mentioned above) with covers/material over the top so that it doesn’t drag in the water. Chamois needs to be top quality (not the cheap stuff). I’d be happy to suffer through a couple of half ironmans and perhaps even a full ironman in this!! Let me know when they are available.

  • Luis Oliveira

    Me likes it. Is it up for sale yet?

  • KF

    Pockets. In the shorts would be handy for gels on the longer stages, looks good though

  • Pawel Ptaszynski

    I love the one pice!

    Maybe F2P does also a cycling suite, for ITT? It would be great! And ITT is definietely knd of SUFFERING.

  • Stuart

    Looks awesome!

    On another note for the cycling kit is there any socks or armwarmers in the mix?

  • acie

    I would make the logo (the two eyes) bigger. There’s space enough

  • Elle Steiner

    Will there be one for the ladies as well? I’d be interested in giving it a tri…

  • Michael Morar

    I like the kit- especially the two pockets in the back. (I am interested in the two Piece). I would change the cut of the jersey- to look closer to a singlet shape and not so much like a road sleeveless Jersey. Not to promote any names but similar to a Zoot or TYR tri top. I am ready to purchase. I think most people would agree with the singlet style jersey; as most everyone at the races I see are wearing a singlet style tri Jersey.

    • DMcQ

      Hi Michael – Thanks for the comments. I’m afraid we’re not making the trikit after all. : – (