Class & Gym Licensed Cycling Training Videos

Perhaps you’re an indoor cycling instructor looking for something new to motivate your class. Or maybe you’re a cycling club or a fitness facility owner looking for a great way to offer indoor cycling classes with only a small investment. Either way, our Sufferfest Group Edition videos are guaranteed to bring the excitement of professional racing into your classes, and bring your students back for more week after week.

These are the only videos licensed for Group, Class & Gym use – the individual versions of the videos are not permitted in these settings unless you have bought the group edition.

Group Editions come with TWO videos:

  1. The regular, Individual version of the video which contains all of the great music, sound cues, taunts and clear instructions that have made The Sufferfest famous. Perfect for running classes without an instructor, or for instructors who prefer to have the video lead the class. As a purchaser of the Group edition, you’re licensed to play the individual version in your class.
  2. An Instructor version, which contains no music, no sound cues, no instructions and limited taunts. Perfect for instructors who want to run their own music playlists and design their own workouts according to the Sufferfest video footage.


  • These are .MP4 downloads, which you can play on most media devices.
  • The videos work with all bikes. Your students simply change the resistance according to the recommended perceived effort on screen.
  • A few, but not all, of the Group editions come with a short document outlining the footage.
  • One purchase per gym location. If you have several gym locations where you’d like to use the videos, please get in touch for special pricing.
  • Use of The Sufferfest name and logo are permitted to promote your class – but please contact us for details and usage form.
  • Questions? Email us:


16 Pack - Group Edition

Group Use - $1299.00

Save $285! All 16 of our group edition videos at a massive discount. Includes:
- All the videos in our library
- One free Sufferfest flag
- Five sets of Sufferfest decals
- 30 Sufferfest temporary tattoos

Downward Spiral

Group Use - $99.99

- 60 minutes of structured agony at maximum effort
- Two sets of eye-watering, flat-out, descending intervals from 2:00 to :15
- Officially licensed ASO Pro racing footage from Paris-Roubaix and Fleche-Wallone
- Brilliant alt-rock soundtrack
- Includes both the Individual and Instructor versions of the video

Fight Club

Group Use - $99.99

- 60 minutes of scrappy, punchy, messy racing
- Prolonged time trial and climbing efforts with 'surprise attacks'
- Officially licensed Pro racing from the 2009 UCI World Cycling Championships
- Pounding house/trance/dance soundtrack
- Includes both the Individual and Instructor versions of the video


Group Use - $99.99

- 45 minute workout - perfect for lunch hour!
- 15 one-minute intervals at maximum effort, with one minute recovery in-between.
- Officially licensed UCI footage from the Track World Cup, Cyclocross World Cup and both the U23 and Women's Road World Championships.
- Driving alt-rock and electronic soundtrack
- Includes the Individual and Instructor videos


Group Use - $99.99

- Just over 60 minutes of CLIMBS!
- Warm-up and warm-down
- 10min over/under intervals and 3x8:00 climbs with attacks
- PRO races include Dauphine Libere, Paris-Nice and Liege-Bastogne-Liege
- Includes the Individual and Instructor versions of the video

The Hunted

Group Use - $99.99

60 minute workout with warm-up/down and:
- Put yourself in the story of a stage racer desperate for a victory
- 5:00 solo TT, 20:00 climb, 4:00 fast pedal descent, 5:00 breakaway, 5:00 attacks
- Official Tour de Suisse and Tour de Romandie footage
- Includes the Individual and Instructor versions of the video

Local Hero

Group Use - $99.99

85 minutes workout featuring:
- 2010 World Championships in Geelong, Australia
- Cyclocross warm-up and criterium leg opener
- 3x6:00 TT pyramids against Miller, Cancellara and Porte
- 5x3:00 Road Race misery with countless attacks and breaks
- Sprints! Sprints! Sprints! Sprints!
- Warm-down
- Includes both the Individual and Instructor versions of the video

A Very Dark Place

Group Use - $99.99

54 minute workout with warm-up/down and:
- 5x:400 maximum effort intervals
- Each interval has its own character, from steady effort to messy attacks and climbing
- Official Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Nice, Dauphine, Fleche-Wallone and Liege-Bastogne-Liege footage
- Includes Individual and Instructor versions of the video

Hell Hath No Fury

Group Use - $99.99

75 minutes with:
- 10:00 warm-up
- 2x20:00 race simulation
- 3:30 Team Time Trial
- Warm-down of mental training from Athlete's Audio
- Officially licensed footage from UCI PRO WOMEN'S World Cup races
- Includes both the Individual and Instructor versions of the video

Extra Shot

Group Use - $99.99

20:00 race simulation to add on to any other 'fest workout.
- No warm-up or warm-down.
- Officially licensed footage from Ronde Van Drenthe (men's and women's), Women's Tour of Flanders and UCI Women's Road World Championships
- Includes both Individual and Instructor versions of the video

The Long Scream

Group Use - $99.99

30:00 Time Trial simulation from the 2011 TT World Championships
- No warm-up or warm-down. Just misery.
- Follow Bobridge, Phinney, Miller, Cancellara and Martin and learn from the fastest
- Accelerate out of corners and sprint for the final line!
- Includes both the Individual and Instructor versions of the video

There is No Try

Group Use - $99.99

- 60minutes
- Accelerating intervals (you get faster and faster during the interval)
- Great for staying with the pack when things start to ramp up
- Featured races: The Tour de France, no less.

The Wretched

Group Use - $99.99

- 48 minutes
- Unstructured and attacking road racing
- Featuring a Tour de France mountain stage - in one 35 minute interval with NO rests!


Group Use - $99.99

- 1 hr and 40 minutes
- Designed by elite cycling coach Neal Henderson
- Threshold, VO2 and Anerobic wor to improve your performance toward the end of longer distances
- Features UCI Road World Championships 2012 (Men's and Women's), UCI Cyclocross World Cup 2012/13, UCI Cyclocross World Championships 2013, UCI Mountain Bike Cross Country World Championships 2012, UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Championships 2012

Rubber Glove

Group Use - $99.99

- 60minutes (Warm-up, FTP test, Cool-down).
- Functional Threshold Performance test video. Perfect for coaches who need something to motivate their athletes during fitness testing.
- Setting fitness baseline for training programmes.
- Features badass Belgian classics: Tour of Flanders and Dwars door Vlaanderen


Group Use - $99.99

- 68 minutes (Warm-up, sprints, cool-down).
- 64 sprints of 5, 10 and 15 seconds. Workout designed by elite cycling coach Neal Henderson.
- Rapid changes of pace and maximum efforts make for a dynamic and exciting session.
- Giro d'Italia race footage and stunning scenery.


Group Use - $99.99

- An epic story of trying to capture the most aggressive rider award
- Countless attacks and four major climbs of 15, 20, 20 and 8 minutes. Workout designed by elite cycling coach Neal Henderson.
- Giro d'Italia 2013 footage.