As the rider behind you slowly, painfully slips off your wheel – they’ll be able to do nothing but look at your leg. It’s like neon and they silently chant it over and over as they fall further and further back. It burns their morale. Suddenly, the elastic snaps and they’re gone. But you’re hardly gone from their memory. They’ll never forget.

You’re surely thinking of a real tattoo. But our temporary tattoos will give you the chance to test out where and how you want it. Each pack includes ELEVEN tats:

  • 3 Sufferlandrian Flags
  • 3 Sufferfest Logos

Super safe and easy to apply – just put them on your skin, rub a wet cloth over it, wait 30 seconds and – there you go – instant badassness. They last about a week and a bit.


$6.99 -- -- FREE shipping worldwide