The Sufferfest App – $10/month for Unlimited Suffering

11 Nov 14 in Uncategorized by david

Now it’s so easy to Suffer in so many ways. Our new apps give you streaming access to more than 20 Sufferfest cycling, running and tri videos (with more added in the months ahead) for just $10/month. Just install the app, subscribe and press play on any video, any time, anywhere with an internet connection.

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They made you Suffer, now it’s their turn.

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We’re hiring a new Minion!

28 Aug 14 in Uncategorized by david

The Sufferfest is hiring!

We’re looking for a Minion for Sufferlandrian Service to work in our (very) small team as we build our endurance sports brand and spread Suffering around the world.

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The easiest way for YOU to support women’s cycling.

23 Apr 14 in Uncategorized by david

A painful truth about women’s pro cycling is that articles about women get a mere fraction of the page views that men’s cycling gets. And because page views drive advertising, media websites (cycling included), are reluctant to dedicate resources to women’s racing

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The Sufferfest: first major sponsor for the UCI Women’s World Cup 2014!

03 Apr 14 in Uncategorized by david

With our goal of making EVERYBODY SUFFER, we are proud to announce that we are the FIRST major sponsor of the UCI Women’s World Cup. 

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Darkside Towns

01 Mar 14 in Uncategorized by david

There are Darksiders everywhere. Here is the full list of towns where Darksiders reside. If you see your town here, there are two things you have to know.
First: be afraid.
Second: know that we can’t sell the Darkside in this town as it’s already taken.

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Chrysalis as an ALL BIKE workout.

14 Feb 14 in Uncategorized by david

Although it’s designed as a run/bike brick workout for triathletes, our Chrysalis video is also great as a BIKE ONLY session.

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Tour of Sufferlandria – Donor Prize Pool Winners!!!

08 Feb 14 in Uncategorized by david

Of course, you were only riding the Tour of Sufferlandria for the HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY — but the chance at some awesome prizes doesn’t hurt either!

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Tour of Sufferlandria — Thank you.

04 Feb 14 in Uncategorized by david

10 days ago, we set off across our beloved country. We did so from countless (well, ok, you could count them, but countless sounds a lot better) locations around the world – gyms, studios, living rooms, sheds, garages and a few offices. More than 2,300 lined up for the first stage, determined to fight for HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY.

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How to use our ‘Chrysalis’ video without a treadmill

04 Feb 14 in Uncategorized by david

Our video, Chrysalis, is meant to be done with a stationary bike and a treadmill. However, not everybody has a treadmill at home or can make it to a gym with the equipment.

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