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Rock stars and the ‘fest.

Perry C+ interview!!!!

Not only is he the guitarist for killer band Pendulum, but he’s also a Sufferlandrian. Cycling Plus interviews Peredur ap Gwynedd about Rock n’ Rouleur…and the ‘fest is what he’s training to!

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Why we charge $11.99

More than 68 reviews online are saying that our cycling workout videos are the best in the world. That makes me incredibly happy because I put my heart and soul into creating these. As a consequence, I’ve been getting asked a lot lately why I don’t raise our prices when all other cycling workout videos cost about $39.99. I’m not going to. Here is why: I started making these videos for people like me. I would not pay $40 for a cycling DVD. I think of ‘fest videos like buying a music album. And those cost about $11.99. I want

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Going into Fight Club – Freestyle.

When doing a 'fest video Freestyle, you will blow. Big time.

I’ve got an evil, terrible, awful new way of doing Sufferfest videos: Freestyle. Let me explain. I teach a small (the class would like me to say ‘elite’) spin class on Tuesdays. Today, we decided to do Fight Club. Any Sufferlandrians who know Fight Club, also know that the worst part of the workout are the unexpected and frequent attacks. Now, on the best of days, Fight Club is just an ugly, messy experience that leaves me shattered after trying to keep up with Evans on the final climb of the Mendrisio World Championsihps. But today, for some bizzare reason,

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Sufferlandrian Cocktails

  You can take your Suffering neat – a single video. Or you can mix it up — cruely combining videos to create sinister concoctions that only a Minion back from a hard day of labour in the Pain Fields could handle.So if you’ve been looking for something a bit stronger, why not have “A Shot in the Dark,” a “Fallen Angel” or a “Wretched Beast”? These Sufferlandrian Cocktails are sure to set you up well. WARNING FOR COUCHLANDRIANS: DON’T EVEN TRY TO TIE ONE OF THESE ON. GO BACK TO YOUR SODA AND CORN CHIPS. (Thanks to the Sufferlandrians

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If you're behind Dave Burns, you're going to get dropped.

Sufferlandrian Dave Burns thought that, while our stickers were a good idea, he would go one step further to show just how deeply his Sufferlandrian blood runs. He got an IWBMATTKYT tattoo. We think it’s the most awesome thing ever. Now we want one.

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Reviews of Hell Hath No Fury

Let’s make no mistake about it, Hell Hath No Fury features only women’s racing, but it’s not designed ‘for women.’ It’s designed for Sufferlandrians: anyone who wants to put to beat their ass to kick someone else’s tomorrow. It’s in true IWBMATTKTY spirit. Plenty of rave reviews are popping up – here are just a few of them: Read a brilliant review of HHNF by Australian female PRO cyclist Bridie O’Donnell. GottaRunGottaRide “Badass bitches.” Beating Limitations “Loved the sense of humour.” Faster Further Fitter “This ain’t no sugar and spice.” TriBecca “The best workout I have done.” Fitness Fatale “Rather

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The ‘fest videos REALLY do work – Pez Cycling Review

Pez Cycling News wanted to know if the Sufferfest videos REALLY work. So they had a certified coach analyse them from a power perspective. Conclusion? They hurt for a reason: they make you fast.   Sufferfest Videos: From The Power Perspective Tuesday, November 08, 2011  11:31:27 AM PT The Sufferfest series of training videos have quickly gained popularity as their use of actual pro race footage, variety of sessions, and heavy dose of humor are great motivators through the dark days of winter. But how do they stack up as a power-based workout? We asked Matt McNamara to apply his expertise

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Sufferlandrian Success!


Reece Robinson from Hunter District Cycling Team (sponsored by The Sufferfest) suffered to win the silver in the U19 107.4 kilo NSW, Australia championships. HAIL SUFFERLANDRIA!    

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We get mail.

A couple of Sufferlandrians were kind enough to stop flogging themselves for a few minutes and write in with some feedback on the vids. Thought I’d share their comments with you. —— Dear David, I am truly blessed. I have finally found someone who is “sicker” than I am. I thought I “hated” Revolver and totally despised Downward Spiral. They are NOTHING !!!!!!!!! compared to the “joy” of hearing angels sing at the end of A Very Dark Place. You have outdone yourself and I want to congratulate you. You are ill and I can’t wait for your next trip

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Starstruck: Connie Carpenter and Davis Phinney

Connie Carpenter, yours truly, and Davis Phinney

Last year about this time, I noticed an order come through from a Connie Carpenter. I wrote to her immediately: “Are you THE Connie Carpenter?” Indeed she was the very Connie Carpenter who won, among a million other things, the 1984 Olympic Road Race, married Davis Phinney and had two kids: one of whom is BMC’s Taylor Phinney. Turns out that Connie was using the ‘fest videos in the spin class she teaches every week in Boulder, Colorado. Since I was in Colorado last week, I asked Connie if she’d like the new videos: we arranged to meet at a

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