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Darkside will be in these towns….

As you probably heard, our very Limited Edition Darkside National Team Kit (no longer available) was only sold to Sufferlandrians who have all 9 videos. Furthermore, only one set of kit was sold per city (including a city’s suburbs*) – the ultimate in exclusivity. Here is the list of cities where a Darksider will be riding. Arcola, USA Atlantic Beach, USA Ballarat, Australia Beaconsfield, Canada Beith, UK Billings, USA Black Creek, Canada Bloomington, USA Boston, USA Braddan, Isle of Man, UK Brantford, Canada Bright’s Grove, Canada Brisbane, AUS Butlers Cross, GB Cadiz, Spain Calgary, Canada Cambridge, USA Carmel, USA Chatham,

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Limited Edition: Sufferfest Darkside National Team Kit

Darkshine bibs

Extremely limited and premium edition: Sufferfest Darkside National Team Kit Available on pre-order only until Wednesday, January 11th – only ONE set sold PER CITY!!!! Together with our clothing partner, France’s F2P sports, we’re very excited to announce an extremely limited run of Sufferfest National Team Kit in a special ‘Darkside’ design. If you’ve ever wanted to wear what the pros wear, and wear something nobody else in your town has, this is your chance. Available for only two weeks on pre-order, to Sufferlandrians who have bought all 9 videos and not sold to more than one person in any

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We’ve been Ode’ed!

Just got an email with this  ‘Ode to the Sufferfest’ by Sufferlandrian Poet Nancy Summers. Thought we’d share it with you! “Ode to Sufferfest Yes, it’s another cold dreary morning and I jump on my trainer My goals is to maximize time and pain, it’s really a no brainer. With Sufferfest my adventures are many as all nine videos I do prize Just me and my trainer…my sweat tells no lies. With a click of the mouse, I start my favorite Local Hero Cadence is 105, up from a zero Now the shot of the cannon signals the start of

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Sufferfest Soundtracks on Spotify


Long time Sufferlandrian, Andrew M. (@serviceplease on Twitter), just created some Spotify playlists of The Sufferfest soundtracks. Now, we’ve long been known for having great music on our videos – and now you can listen to the soundtracks even when you’re not suffering (just to remind you of the Suffering that is to come!). Here are the Spotify lists: A Very Dark Place TSF Revolver TSF The Hunted TSF Downward Spiral TSF Fight Club

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The Healing Power of Suffering

Sufferlandrians – I just got this email from a fellow Sufferlandrian. I figured I’d share it with you – Suffering can be, in a way, a healing process and an escape. It means to much to me that the ‘fest videos can help someone like this. Thanks very much to the author for allowing me to publish this. —————— David, Things have been bad lately. Stress accumulated, saddle time diminished, and a few personal issues began to get to me. My method of dealing with stress was robbed from me by unfamiliar, treacherous roads, bad weather conditions, and less time

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Sufferlandrian National Team on Strava

If you’re not using Strava yet, you should be. And if you are, you should be part of the Sufferlandrian National Team club. Easy to join, and you can follow your fellow Sufferlandrians and see who’s got the highest suffer score these days!  

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Cycling Tips profiles the ‘fest

Wade Wallace over at has created one of the best cycling blogs on the internet today. And he’s done it in only a couple of years. Pretty impressive stuff. The other day, he asked us if we’d write a little bit about the history of the ‘fest. We jumped at the chance. Here’s the full article that appeared at The Sufferfest – From the Beginning December 8, 2011 A few years ago when I was experimenting with helmet cams during road racing I was introduced to David McQuillen who was starting a series of videos called “The Sufferfest”. I

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Rock stars and the ‘fest.

Perry C+ interview!!!!

Not only is he the guitarist for killer band Pendulum, but he’s also a Sufferlandrian. Cycling Plus interviews Peredur ap Gwynedd about Rock n’ Rouleur…and the ‘fest is what he’s training to!

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Why we charge $11.99

More than 68 reviews online are saying that our cycling workout videos are the best in the world. That makes me incredibly happy because I put my heart and soul into creating these. As a consequence, I’ve been getting asked a lot lately why I don’t raise our prices when all other cycling workout videos cost about $39.99. I’m not going to. Here is why: I started making these videos for people like me. I would not pay $40 for a cycling DVD. I think of ‘fest videos like buying a music album. And those cost about $11.99. I want

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Going into Fight Club – Freestyle.

When doing a 'fest video Freestyle, you will blow. Big time.

I’ve got an evil, terrible, awful new way of doing Sufferfest videos: Freestyle. Let me explain. I teach a small (the class would like me to say ‘elite’) spin class on Tuesdays. Today, we decided to do Fight Club. Any Sufferlandrians who know Fight Club, also know that the worst part of the workout are the unexpected and frequent attacks. Now, on the best of days, Fight Club is just an ugly, messy experience that leaves me shattered after trying to keep up with Evans on the final climb of the Mendrisio World Championsihps. But today, for some bizzare reason,

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