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Sample of a Sufferfest Workout

If you’re interested in the ‘fest, but not sure what it’s all about, we created the video below just for you. It’s one of the actual intervals from our hit ‘A Very Dark Place’ workout. The interval is 4:00 long, and gives you an idea of what you can expect in a Sufferfest video and how the instructions work. The music is on the heavy side, but our videos also feature techno, pop, indie and house.

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Triathlete Magazine visits Sufferlandria

We were born ready.

When it comes to inflicting pain and suffering, we’re non-denominational: road cyclists, cross, mountain bikers and triathletes. We’re happy to make everyone miserable. So we were very pleased with the folks over at Triathlete Magazine asked if they could review our videos as part of a comparision they were doing with some other cycling workout videos. Here’s what they had to say in their June 2012 issue (click image to see full size):

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I will beat my wallpaper.

Computer - Large (1920x1200)

Sufferlandrians who wish to express their attitude on their devices will appreciate our new – and free! – Wallpaper. Just click on any of the images below and you’ll be taken to a page where you can save the image and set as your personal wallpaper.

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Feel a bit like crying. But won’t.


Victoria Pendelton just won the world sprint championships. That, undoubtably, made her pretty happy. She cried a bit. But while she stood on the rostrum taking her gold medal, she can’t be nearly as emotional as we here at the ‘fest. Here is why:   It really seems like yesterday that we approached the UCI with the rather insane idea of making some cycling workout videos using pro cycling footage. We figured we might sell a few videos to a few friends who had some sympathy for us. It never – ever! – occured to us that there would be

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Sufferlandrian National Day of Suffering – Prize Winners!!!

That. Was. Beautiful! Sufferlandrian Ambassadors in than 130 cities around the world organised some kind of suffering on March 31st/April 1st for the first Sufferlandrian National Day of Suffering. Epic tales were told, rides were ridden, intervals were pounded out and food and drink consumed in cities from Alaska to Australia. Check out our Facebook Page for all the action. And now, time to hand out the prizes from our prize draw! WINNERS: Please email me so I can arrange to send the prizes to you. Winners of Sufferfest Stickers are: Val Marie Coutts (Vancouver, Canada) Gerry Lynch (Geneva,

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Prizes at the National Day of Suffering!

Just sent out this mail to all the Sufferlandrians attending National Day! —– Hello Sufferlandrians! Well, what a pleasure it is to write to all of you that have signed up to join a Sufferlandrian National Day of Suffering event in your town. The Minions in the dungeon at Sufferfest Studios are jealous, of course, but free Sufferlandrians from Canada to Brazil to Germany to Malaysia and Australia are getting together – in fact, there are more then 115 events going on around the world at this writing!!! A BIG thanks to the Sufferlandrian Ambassadors who are organising some

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Sufferlandrian National Day – The Day of Suffering – March 31st/April 1st


It’s time to Suffer Together! You have Suffered for months. Often alone. You push yourself to dark places. You fly with Angels. You feel the fury. You are not alone. There are Sufferlandrians everywhere….and probably in your town. It’s time to meet them at the first ever Sufferlandrian National Day: The Day of Suffering – a day to celebrate our spiritual home of pain, misery, agony and IWBMATTKYT. The Day of Suffering is March 31st/April 1st (whichever day works best for you). We’ve set up a site where you can see what towns are organising events already, or where you

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Review – Endurance Films: Rides New York – Assault on Bear Mountain


Video: Endurance Films: Rides New York – Assualt on Bear Mountain Price: $29.99 USD Rating – *** (out of *****) Summary – A typical ‘virtual cycling’ experience with very nice on-screen graphics With the third little Sufferlandrian now arrived in Sufferfest HQ just under a week ago, the idea of going out for a long road ride is just a distant memory. So, in order to maintain some kind of fitness, I’ve been forced onto the trainer more often than normal these days. Now, naturally, I’ve got a full collection of Sufferfest videos. But I think all Sufferlandrians will agree

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Review – CYCLEFILM Roads to Glory Acte 2


Cycling download video (.mv4) – CYCLEFILM’s Roads to Glory Acte 2 Price – 11.99 GBP Rating – **** (out of *****) Summary – A base-building workout with long intervals based on the 2012 Etape du Tour route, including great instructional commentary and beautiful footage. Here at the ‘fest, we often get asked to make some base building videos. Something hard, but not too hard, and which lasts over an hour. We don’t do those. It is, remember, The SUFFERfest. We have a reputation to live up to. However, when we get these requests, we usually direct folks to our good

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Sufferlandrian National Team in World Championships

UWCT final 1

Michael Hyman, a Sufferlandrian based in Norfolk, USA, just sent us a photo of himself. Not just any photo, mind you. But, representing his country in all its glory, he’s in full Sufferlandrian National Team Kit at the 2011 UCI Master’s World Championships in Belgium. (He also just ordered the Darkside kit, so if you live in Norfolk, you’re outta luck.)

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