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Something Wretched This Way Comes

We’ve wanted to make a straight-up road racing simulation for awhile. Something with no recovery and just flat out racing. When the ASO agreed to let us license footage from the Tour de France, we knew this was the opportunity we had been waiting for. The Wretched is the story of a pro who has fallen from grace. The glory days gave way to days of over indulgence and now, faced with poor performance in the Tour so far, our hero must rise above himself and win the stage. A 10:00 warm-up, featuring a music video by UK band Redados,

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Alternative ways to ride Long Scream and A Very Dark Place

Just got an email from Sufferlandrian Paul Ross, with some ideas on how to ride two of our videos a little differently than designed. Some good stuff we wanted to share: Long scream alternatives: 1) Treat it like a true time trial. Once you jump out of the gate and “get up to speed” for the first 20-30 seconds, quickly settle in to your 30 minute time trial pace (at or a little above FTP) and just stay there (ie. ignore the instructions). You can try and do the sprint at the end, but if you do it right, you’ll

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Sufferlandria: Harshest penalties for doping – loss of citizenship

Racing bans. Lost salaries. Public humiliation. While these are the consequences in many countries for taking performance enhancing drugs, the Sufferlandrian Federation has just come out with the strongest position of any country: citizens will be stripped of their Nationality. According to Grunter Von Agony, Sufferlandrian National Team Director Sportif, “Sufferlandrians Suffer. That is what we do. Drugs take away suffering. So, you take away Suffering, we take away your passport. Simple.” The full statement: ————– The full text: Date: 17/10/12 To: All Sufferlandrians Everywhere Dear Sufferlandrians, With so many National Federations coming out with their positions (or lack of

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New Sufferfest video – There is no Try – Oct 23

Since unleashing the metronomic misery of The Long Scream early this year, the Minions have toiled away. Their objective was to release the first cycling training video based on officially licensed footage from the world’s greatest race: The Tour de France. Soon. On October 23rd, their Masterpiece will be released: There is No Try. Featuring several stages, and the stars, of the historic 2012 Tour de France. A 60 minute video, it comes in three parts: A set of four accelerating intervals, from 1:00 to 4:00 in which speed increases over the course of the interval. Then an 8minute time trial,

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Clarity among Sufferfest Cycling Videos

Comparing the Sufferfest Cycling Training videos and trying to figure out which to choose? There is something calming, soothing about the clarity that a Venn diagram brings to the task.

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Protest Poster Contest

One Nation Under Suffering

Our Protest Party in London on Aug 2nd is rapidly approaching. And our indination at the IOC having shunned Sufferlandria’s nation status request grows even faster. Of course, any good protest needs good protest posters. We’re having a contest over on our Facebook page – so whip up a protest poster and post it there and stand to win a 10 pack of videos.  

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The Sufferfest 3-Video Starter Pack!

If you’re thinking of coming to Sufferlandria, but not quite sure which video is the best one to get you there, then try out our new 3-Video Starter Pack. The Minions had a tough time with this one, trying to figure out exactly which three videos would be best for the novice Sufferlandrian. To be honest, we could have picked just about any three – but, in the end, we chose Downward Spiral, Angels and The Long Scream. We selected them because they have very different personalities, are very easy to get caught up in, and focus on different areas

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Antartica is ours

What Sufferlandrians want, Sufferlandrians take. And that includes Continents.

Word just in – Sufferlandrians, led by Ron Blevens, has taken over Antartica. If anyone wants it back, come and get it.

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A Satisfied Sufferlandrian

Ah, nothing makes us happier than the sight of a Sufferlandrian in their bike torture chamber.

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The Sufferlandrian Flag never looked better

It's not a Bike Torture Chamber, but it is the best picture of our flag ever taken. Thanks!

  Sufferlandrian (and racer with in Tulsa, OK, USA%2y Mandi Amman finished a race the other day. And wrapped herself in the glory of the Sufferlandrian flag. Her husband (who owns  Ammann Photography) captured the moment. We love it.  

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